We get lots of lovely DMs on Instagram every week on everything from business, to following your dreams, to how we do things here at Chupi. Every Friday, we are doing an Ask Me Anything over on our Instagram answering your amazing questions. Last week, we took a closer look at grey diamonds. Read on for a round up of what we covered:

What is the meaning behind grey diamonds?

There is something so incredibly special about diamonds, especially grey diamonds. The youngest diamond is 900 million years old up to about three and a half billion years old. I think they’re an incredible piece if you’re going through something tough and want a reminder of that resilience. One of our favourite quotes is “A diamond is just a piece of coal under pressure”, how amazing is that?

Are grey diamonds lower quality than clear diamonds?

That’s an amazing question! They’re completely different. White diamonds are graded on the 4C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. With grey diamonds, you look for completely different things like fire and brilliance. One of our favourite things about grey diamonds is that they’re completely unique. You find a stone that you really love.

Can a customer select their exact diamond for their ring in store?

How you choose your diamond is really important. When you come to Ireland, it’s amazing. Dublin is so special. We’ve got a beautiful store and the girls in there are incredible. They’ll help choose the perfect diamond for you. If you can’t make it to our store, our amazing care team can send you pictures of all of our beautiful diamonds and you can choose your favourite. If you’d like to book an appointment in our store, please email us at and one of our lovely team will get back to you.Chupi-grey-diamonds

Are Chupi grey diamonds ethically sourced?

It’s one of the most important things we do – thinking about where we get our materials from, how it’s made, how it’s sourced. One of the reasons why we buy grey diamonds and not big white diamonds is because grey diamonds are so much more ethical. There’s so much more traceability with grey diamonds. It’s such an important part of what we do.

We are always thinking of ways we can do better and be better. We’re not perfect, but we’re doing our absolute best. We are now making our pieces from almost 100% recycled gold which we are so excited about!

I got a grey diamond Chupi ring with a gold twig bank and I’m wondering if it’s possible to change it to yellow gold?

Thank you so much for choosing one of our Engagement Rings! Of course we can change your ring metal. If you’re ring is in white gold and you’d like to change it to yellow gold, there is a small fee but pop us an email to

Do Chupi grey diamond rings come in rose gold?

Of course, we can make your ring in any metal you want. Whether it’s gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum, we can make your piece especially for you. It takes a little bit longer because we make everything by hand but give us enough time and we can make it!

Your Questions Answered: Grey Diamonds

Can you pick exactly what colour grey diamond you want?

Of course, choosing a diamond is so personal. Especially a grey diamond, you’re thinking about what you really love. Do you want really light and bright, or do you love dark and stormy? The whole team all love different grey diamonds. When you come to us, you get to choose a stone that really means something to you.

Does Chupi cut the diamonds or are they cut elsewhere?

We don’t cut the diamonds here but we have absolutely amazing expert cutters. When we make a ring it takes 13 pair of hands and one of those people is the diamond cutter. They’re super skilled, super specialist with over 30 years experience cutting diamonds.

We are getting some diamonds cut for us in Canada at the moment. They’re Canadian mined diamonds and we’ve told them exactly what we want and how much we want them to sparkle. We can’t wait to show them to you guys!

Thank you so much for your amazing questions! Be sure to tune in to our Ask Me Anything every Friday over on Instagram.