She said leaving was the hardest thing she had ever done. They were friends, not best friends but part of the same gang when they started going out. It was a fun night that became something more.

She said it made sense at first, she was so glad not to be alone, to have someone to spend Sunday morning with. She thought maybe it was as good as it got. But it was little things at first, he forgot their first anniversary, he went home to his Mum every weekend and when she suggested they spend it together he didn’t understand why. His family always came first and she was always second.

She said she realised he was perfectly comfortable, that he would be that way forever; he had decided it was enough while she wanted to love and be loved with all of her heart. Leaving was heartbreaking, when she told people she simply wasn’t prepared to settle for okay no one understood. But she knew it was the right thing to do.

She’s in love now, fully head over heels with a man who adores and challenges her. But she said this wasn’t from him, this was for her. A reminder of her strength and that the first Diamond she ever owned was one she bought herself.

Mark Your Moment

Solid Gold One in a Trillion Morganite Ring

One in a Trillion is a truly special ring, a centre sparkling oval Morganite gemstone flanked by two sparkling classic Diamond trillions telling the story of love, a magic moment in a trillion that made it all worthwhile.

One in a Trillion

Eternity is Too Short Classic Diamond Ring

This delicate eternity ring is set with tiny diamonds sparkling with a glittering fire. The ring is set with tiny gemstones the whole way around the band, the perfect symbol of never-ending love.


Solid Gold You Me & Magic Grey Diamond and Classic Diamond Ring

Our You, Me & Magic ring is the perfect piece to mark a precious moment. Chupi designed this ring with each gemstone representing You, Me & Magic. An heirloom piece, a sparkling 2 carat Morganite solitaire sits flanked by two tiny diamonds atop one of our signature rings.


Solid Gold Sparkle in the Wild Grey Diamond Ring

Sparkle in the Wild is a truly special piece. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it, the immortal words of Roald Dahl were written for all of us who believe not only in magic but love. An heirloom piece, a sparkling solitaire Grey Diamond sits atop one of our signature rings. The perfect piece to mark a special moment.

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