Morganite gemstones are becoming increasingly popular and if you’ve ever seen one, it’s easy to see why. Today, millennial women are trendsetters and high achievers. The colour that is closely associated with this determined and defining femininity is a delicate shade of pink. Flattering, chic and wearable on any occasion, Morganite gemstones are definitely on trend.

Morganite is a beautiful blush pink gemstone that was discovered in Madagascar in 1910. Although this gemstone has been around for quite some time, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. It was named after the American financier and banker J.P. Morgan, who was a large gem collector and contributor to the American Museum of Natural History at that time.

Morganite is a rare, semi precious stone from the Beryl family, which includes Emerald and Aquamarine. The beautiful, feminine colours in Morganite are as a result of the presence of manganese. These blush pink gemstones make for a gorgeous alternative to a traditional diamond in an engagement ring with their champagne sparkle!


There is an increasing rise in popularity of pink rocks as the centre stone in engagement rings. People are becoming more adventurous and moving away from the traditional thought that an engagement ring has to be a diamond. Morganite is considerably less expensive than diamond but just as special, and you can go big without skimping on the quality. The rise in popularity in the pink gem is partially attributed to Pantone’s naming of “Rose Quartz and Serenity” as the colours of the year in 2016.

Morganite is almost always heat treated to enhance the pink colour. This results in a stable and pure colour with lifetime durability for the Morganite gemstone, but it’s near impossible to detect any treatment. This precious gemstone has very few inclusions or imperfections in it, it is typically eye clean without any visible flaws. Ranking between 7.5 and 8 on the MOHS scale, Morganite is a tough stone that is timeless. The precious gem conveys a certain elegance and luxury, but is durable for everyday wear.

The meaning behind the Morganite Gemstone

The pink gem is the most admired amongst all the beryl group members, due to its tender delicate colour. It boasts a sweet symbolism behind it, with some claiming that it helps to maintain love and brings compassion, healing, assurance and promise. If you’re looking for a gemstone that can truly represent your relationship, Morganite is the perfect fit. Pink has long been associated with love, romance, femininity and tenderness – so it’s not surprising that pink gems have an irresistible appeal. The soft tone of morganite flatters any skin tone and looks exceptional when set in rose gold.

Morganite is neutral but has enough colour to compliment any fashion choice. The stone has a high level of brilliance and plays light very well. The soft tone of morganite flatters any skin tone. It is the most admired gem amongst all the beryl group members, due to its tender delicate colour.

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