Kicking off our new meet the team series is the lovely Zoë who is Marketing Manager at Chupi! Zoë discusses her role at Chupi, how she got here and her top tips for getting a job in marketing!

What does your role involve?

I manage the marketing, pr and social media strategy and implementation for Chupi. My role is a huge mix of creative and analytical so on a typical day I could be: creating a digital campaign, producing a photoshoot, organising an event or sending out a press release.

How did you get here?

I’ve been working in marketing/ comms for over 10 years now. I originally studied Commerce and then a Masters of Science in International Fashion Marketing. Not long after my studies, I moved to Sydney where I ended up living for almost 8 years and working for some amazing fashion and lifestyle brands.


Marketing Manager at Chupi Zoe O'Connell

Marketing Manager at Chupi Zoë O’Connell

What’s the best thing about working for Chupi?

We are probably a much smaller team than most people realise, so it is always super busy at Chupi HQ but we have so much fun along the way. We spend a lot of time getting distracted by the latest sparkly things and definitely consume far too much chocolate (a favourite in studio!) We also do weekly yoga with the lovely Lydia Sasse and sit down everyday to have lunch together. It’s not so much a team as it is a little family!

Top 3 tips for getting into your role?

Experience is key – I spent my early years interning across different industries and it definitely gave me an incredible insight into the day to day reality of marketing and PR.

Focus on the bigger picture – I didn’t land my ‘dream job’ straight away. You need to define what success means to you personally and outline a strategy for how to achieve your career goals. My career path was not linear, the twists and turns along the road taught me so much however.

Continuous learning – keep learning always! You can never know too much and you can learn so much from others. Marketing is fast paced role so it’s important to keep up to date on what’s going on across the industry.

Marketing Manager at Chupi Zoe O'Connell

Marketing Manager Zoë O’Connell

People or businesses or brands you admire?

I feel incredibly lucky to work under the leadership of Chupi Sweetman. She’s definitely the hardest working person I know and has built the most amazing Irish, ethical brand. As far as other brands – I love Reformation. They have an incredible tone of voice and I adore how they are such an ethical company too.

Favourite Chupi piece and why?

Too many to mention! I love the first piece I bought for myself, a solid gold Star Sign and wear it everyday. It marked a big year for me – moving home to Ireland after almost 9 years overseas in Australia and starting in a wonderful new role. I absolutely adore the Hope & Magic diamond studs so I think they will be my next purchase…

Can’t live without?

Coffee, yoga (keeps me balanced), my Chupi notebook. I’m a real pen & paper person despite the fact I work in digital.

Marketing Manager Chupi Zoe O Connell


Photographs by Alex Sheridan