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What I Do: Meet Ciara, Jeweller at Chupi

Next up on our Chupi Team What I Do series is our amazing jeweller Ciara! What is your role?

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Next up on our Chupi Team What I Do series is our amazing jeweller Ciara!

What is your role?

I am the Production Jeweller at Chupi so I make jewellery stock for our store and online orders such as the initial necklaces. I also look after customer queries that come in to us through our Facebook page.

Being a part of production is fast-paced and fun, multitasking is a required skill and my desk is always full of pretty sparkly things!

How did you get here?

I began working at Chupi in April of this year. I have a history working in a few different sectors such as real estate, secretarial and of course retail. Working in so many different sectors built up my knowledge of the office environment, although they are all so different to my current role which is much more hands-on and practical. I love the hustle and bustle in the studio and really thrive off the fast-paced environment.


Ciara, Jeweller at Chupi

Best bits?

There are so many lovely things about working at Chupi!

The team are tight knit and so friendly, we eat lunch together every day and we all work closely with one another, it’s a very fun environment to be a part of.

Working with and learning all about the beautiful diamonds we use in the jewellery as well as where they come from is very interesting and getting to see the amazing sparkly things every day is very exciting.

There is also copious amounts of tea, chocolate, biscuits and Birthday cake any time it is someone’s birthday which is a big bonus.

People or businesses or brands you admire?

Having worked for a range of businesses I have to express my admiration for Chupi Sweetman. She creates a lovely environment to work in, works incredibly hard and focuses on the ethical aspect of her business.


Ciara handmaking a Raspberry Leaf Demi Crown Headpiece

Ciara handmaking a Raspberry Leaf Demi Crown Headpiece

Top tips for getting into your role?

An eye for and attention to detail is very important in my role. It is also important to be able to block everything else out that is going on around you when a lot of orders need to be filled quickly!

Favourite Chupi piece and why?

My favourite Chupi piece is my Born Under a Lucky Star Ring in Diamond. It was my first solid gold piece I bought when I started working at Chupi. I think it is a lovely thing to be able to buy yourself a diamond!




Photos by Alex Sheridan

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