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What happens when you order a Chupi Heirloom Ring

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

Each piece we make is made with love here in Ireland, an heirloom to be passed down through generations. For this reason, your precious piece can take between 5-6 weeks to be ready from the time you order.

The first step in the process is picking the gemstone for your Chupi piece. Whether it’s an heirloom ring, engagement ring, wedding band, or a piece to mark a special moment, our expert team will help you choose the right stone, shape, metal and size. Our wonderful team is available via Virtual Appointment or in-store appointment to help you choose your unique stone.

Once you have selected your gemstone, the next step in the process is casting.

Casting your heirloom

The process we use to create your precious piece is called Lost Wax Casting which has been used since ancient Egypt. Each Chupi piece is handmade by a highly skilled team of master goldsmiths. Combined, we have over 100 years experience in making beautiful jewellery.

Hallmarking your heirloom

Once your piece has been cast, it goes to the Assay Office to be hallmarked. We Hallmark all of our precious pieces in the Assay Office in Dublin Castle. We hallmark every piece we make, it’s our guarantee that your piece is made using the most beautiful, precious metals with love here in Ireland. Once your piece has been Assayed, it will arrive to our workshop to have the final finishing touches made.

Setting the Diamond or Gemstone

If your piece has to be set with a diamond or gemstone our expert setter is working on it, setting each piece entirely by hand. At this stage we check every single facet of your piece, making sure everything is just perfect.

Polishing your heirloom

Polishing is the very final stage of the process in making your piece. It’s the very last thing we do before we wrap your sparkling piece in our signature Chupi packaging and send it out to you.

Each heirloom ring is passed through 13 pairs of hands to ensure it will be around for hundreds of years to come. All of our heirloom rings are handmade with love, just for you.

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