Mother’s Day feels so much more important to us this year. For most of us, it seems we won’t get to see our mums on this special day. Although this year is a little different, we’re still celebrating our mums.

We know that this can be an incredibly tough time for people too – so whether you’re celebrating your mum, sister, aunt or friend, we’re thanking the women who shape our lives for all of their support, love and kindness.

We asked the incredible Roisin from CHAOS+HARMONY about her first memory of Mother’s Day, what it means to be a mum and her best advice for new mums.

My first memory of Mother’s Day is not of me as a mother but it’s of me serenading my own mum some 25 years ago. I brought her breakfast in bed and then sang ‘Mama’ by the Spice Girls from start to finish. I remember meaning each and every word as I sang it. Whilst my mum thoroughly enjoyed my heartfelt performance, she also did her best to keep a straight face and not craic up laughing at how serious I was! We still laugh about it to this day and I think about this funny little memory every year.

It is the most incredible feeling knowing that your arms are your children’s safe place, where they feel happiest and where they want to be, every minute of every day.

There’s so many amazing things about being a mum! Our kids are 3 and 5. Every age feels like the best age but honestly it just seems to get better and better. I love how deeply they love. It is the most incredible feeling knowing that your arms are your children’s safe place, where they feel happiest and where they want to be, every minute of every day! They are both so curious and want to know everything about everything. But my favourite bit is still the same as when our first was born and that’s morning cuddles in bed. Just a few minutes snuggling together in the morning before the craziness begins. I remember myself and my 3 siblings doing the same with my parents and I think it’s so lovely.

This Mother’s Day, I don’t know what’s in store for me (although I did see a Chupi package arrive in my husbands name so it’s already looking good!!), but I have booked afternoon tea for my Mum and I which I’m really looking forward to. My mum helps me out so much minding the kids and doing school runs so that I can get some work done on CHAOS+HARMONY. We went for afternoon tea for the first time when I was expecting my second and we had the most lovely time together. It was a special collab between The N.C.A.D and the Westbury. After that we vowed to go to afternoon tea more often.

My best advice for new mums is to seek out mommy/baby groups in your area. I had my first child in New Zealand away from all my family and friends and hand on my heart, I would not have survived the early days/weeks of motherhood without those women who I still to this day keep in contact with (almost 6 years on). They were my support network, my councillors, my ‘eating chocolate caramel cake at 10 every Tuesday morning with no judgement’ pals. They gave me a reason to get out of the house once a week and as our babies got older and we started to get a handle of motherhood we met up more regularly and went for dinner a few times – although we were all home at about 9pm to feed or pump.

Jewellery to me means memories, like a little snapshot in time. I love that jewellery can have a secret meaning to the wearer. When I was about 9 years old we went on a family holiday to Portugal and I bought myself a pair of beautiful drop earrings at the night market on the promenade out of my own pocket money that I had saved before we went away. I remember going up and down the strip looking at each stall very carefully before finally deciding on these pretty little drop earrings that had matching shells on them. They were probably only about 5 pounds but I loved them and actually still have them and look forward to passing them on to my daughter. To anyone else they are just a pair of shell earrings but to me they remind me of a lovely summer holiday with my family.