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Tinder, tractors and a fairytale proposal | Modern Love Stories, Liv & Philip

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Here at Chupi, we are honoured to make beautiful heirlooms that become part of your story, destined to become treasured pieces that are passed down through the generations.

Be inspired by stories of love and magic as we share some of our favourite ways Chupi pieces have helped you celebrate your most special moments. This week, we chat with Liv and Philip. From a chance meeting at an airport to a proposal in the ruins of a castle, they share the story behind their modern fairytale romance.

On swiping right

Liv: Even though we were living in two different countries (I’m from the UK and Philip from Ireland) we managed to meet on Tinder by blind chance as Philip was at the airport waiting for the plane home. We couldn’t have planned it if we tried – I like to think it was meant to be!

Philip: I was waiting for a plane home after visiting a machinery show in the UK. While swiping away on Tinder I came across Liv and three weeks later, I flew back to the UK to see her for the first time.

Liv: From the first moment we met, it felt natural – like we were meant to be with each other.

Philip: I’ll never forget seeing Liv for the first time. As I walked through the arrival gates, she was waiting there in a stripy top not knowing whether to go for a hug, a handshake or a kiss on the cheek!

Jewellery for me is there as a symbol of special memories and moments together. It’s extremely personal. Each piece evokes different emotions each time it is worn

On knowing it was forever

Philip: On our second date I brought Liv out into our ruined castle on the farm tour and brought her up onto a bit of a ledge where you could look out over some of the land and watch the cattle grazing away. We held hands and talked about our favourite movies, I could have stayed there forever.

Liv: It was just the two of us standing in the castle between the trees. There was nothing more in the world I could possibly ask for.

On favourite traits

Liv: Philip can make me smile no matter what. We understand each other so well and just click. He may seem strong, but his softer side and gentleness is something I’ll always adore. Not to forget his amazing blue eyes!

Philip: Liv is always there for me, puts up with my shenanigans, the long hours I work and the general farming lifestyle. She’s an absolute natural at all things livestock and a deadly tractor pilot (having no experience before meeting me!). We get on like a house on fire, bouncing off each other to no end.

On finding the perfect engagement ring

Liv: All I had ever told Philip is I would love a twig band and he could choose the rest. I absolutely adore his choice.

Philip: The team at Chupi were amazing. Liv does my accounts so I had to figure out a way to order and pay for the ring without it showing up on my statements as Chupi. They were so helpful on the phone and made it possible. Liv had no idea. I knew I had to choose a ring with the twig band and I chose the aquamarine because while I was scrolling through the selection of rings, that one caught my eye. After looking through the rest of the collection, I knew deep down that was the one to get and I never hesitated nor second-guessed my decision, even though I am a very indecisive person!

On sweet proposal plans

Liv: Our engagement was on 9th May 2021, in the ruins of the castle where I had first realised that he was ‘the one’. It was just the two of us, in our scruffy farm clothes, feeding calves. He lured me there with “There’s a calf stuck in the castle” –I should have known!

I remember the realisation that there wasn’t a calf stuck at all, and he was leading me up to one of my favourite places in the world. It was a feeling of overwhelming happiness.

On seeing the ring

Liv: My first reaction was, “You got me a Chupi ring!” The absolute joy that the not-so-subtle hints hadn’t gone amiss!

As farmers, we spend most if not all of our time outdoors and I really wanted something in my engagement ring that would signify that. From the first time I saw the Chupi twig band, I knew that had to be it. I adore the way the hawthorn branch wraps around the finger, keeping everything together.

Jewellery for me is there as a symbol of special memories and moments together. It’s extremely personal. Each piece evokes different emotions each time it is worn.

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