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“The more I go forward, the more I look back” – Explore Our New Jewellery Collection, The Stories We Tell

Friday, September 3rd, 2021

Inspired by a bygone era, but made to be worn and loved today, we are so excited to finally share the newest designs to arrive at Chupi.

The Stories We Tell is a vibrant new collection designed to celebrate moments of love, hope and everything in between.

From statement rings that evoke the elegance and fiercely independent spirit of the 1920s to the Evil Eye Collection, a symbol of strength against the many things that demand our attention in a busy world, our latest pieces are a love letter to the stories that have come before, and the ones still to be told.

“So much of what I make is influenced by the pieces I was given, but also pieces that I miss in the world, that I want for my moments, stories for the future,” says Chupi. “I’m constantly inspired by beautiful vintage family heirlooms.”

A look back

Chupi was inspired by the rings her grandmother used to wear, vintage designs worn by the modern, pioneering women of the 1920s. “Jewellery started moving away from something you were adorned with, something given to you, to being something we chose ourselves,” says Chupi. “And that journey is still ongoing.”

The Luna Opal Halo Ring which features a halo of diamonds set around a beautiful centre stone of either glowing, iridescent opal or shimmering sapphire embodies this strength, grace and independence. “Jewellery became no longer about something you wore on special occasions, but pieces you loved and wore every day.”

“If you told our daughters or our children that jewellery is only to be given to you, that you would never buy it for yourself, they would be so outraged,” laughs Chupi. “But over a hundred years ago, jewellery started moving away from being things we were adorned with, to things we chose to adorn ourselves with. These were pieces women chose for themselves.”

Tokens of protection

Pieces like the Evil Eye Necklace are modern talismans, reinterpretations of powerful ancient symbols. “It’s very much about something we all need at the moment: a token of protection, a reminder of our strength,” says Chupi. “I designed the first piece in this collection – the Evil Eye ring – last year, and its story has summed up the last 18 months for me.”

The delicate designs of the Evil Eye Collection make them perfect for layering and stacking, but their rich, handcrafted details also work beautifully when worn alone.

The best of the past with the best of the future

Inspired by the heritage, history and grace of bygone eras, we are adding exciting new diamond cuts to our collection. The Victorian Clover Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring is flanked by sparkling clover leaves, with each individual diamond representing faith, hope and love.

The Georgian Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring is inspired by a historic diamond cut called the Old Mine Cut which dates back to the 1700s, a time when diamonds were measured by eye and cut by hand.

“I love how these pieces feel contemporary and modern, and that we make them using cutting edge tools like CAD and 3D printing, but that we are also going back to very old-fashioned craft techniques in the way we cut and set our diamonds,” says Chupi.

“And alongside that, we’re using recycled gold, a material that already has another life, but combining it with diamonds grown just for us in a carbon-neutral lab in California, and that’s very much a piece of the future. It’s a beautiful mix of old and new.”

The process

As always, each of our precious pieces is designed by Chupi and handmade in Ireland by skilled artisans. Our dedication to making meaningful, considered jewellery that is as sustainably made as possible continues – everything in the Stories We Tell collection is made using recycled gold, and pieces like Dewlight, the Victorian Clover Emerald Cut and You Me & Magic 2ct are made using lab-grown diamonds, each one made and cut to order to avoid any unnecessary excess.

“Every lab-grown diamond we order is grown for us. We can be very intentional about what we do and why we do it,” says Chupi. “That intentionality is so important – people are choosing our heirlooms for the future. They will be passing down something that has been sustainably made.”

Our new collection is also designed to complement and stack with your existing Chupi pieces as well as worn alone – because we know that a treasured jewellery collection is built over time.

Explore the entire Stories We Tell Collection ahere, or book a virtual appointment to take a closer look.

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