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The Magic of the Morning Of

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

The ‘Big’ Day starts with a series of small moments. This is our tribute to them.

You’re only glimpsed at in the album. The full stop at the end of the ‘once upon a time’.  But I remember you well. The anticipation, the excitement, the nerves, the is-it-really-here of it all.

When I worked as a wedding photographer, I had the privilege of being there for many a ‘morning of’. Whether it was rainy or sunny, a big church wedding or a tight-knit registry office affair, the morning always held the same wonder: all bated breath and nervous giggles. 

It’s an intimate time, with only the couple’s very closest people in attendance: best men and wonderful women, dads frying breakfast, helpful cousins handing out boutonnières.

There is a special alchemy when women get together, and I felt it every time.

In a quiet room, someone going over a speech, the rustle of pages filled with handwritten jokes, stories, memories, toasts. In another, someone grinning down the phone, calmly explaining directions to the B&B to a flustered guest. Yes, the third left after the church. Yes, yes, the one with the blue door. All hands on deck, these small, practical acts all say the same thing to the couple: we love you, we want you to have a great day, we’re here. 

I would spend most of the time shooting with the bride, most often an all-female crew. There is a special alchemy when women get together, and I felt it every time. These were often my favourite moments to shoot – the morning light soft and golden, the hair rollers in, all guards down. I would hear stories of first kisses and proposals, of love lost and found, of dress disasters and speeches gone wrong and right.

I loved getting to use those quiet moments to capture the details: the rings nestled in their box, sparkling with anticipation. Light streaming through the hem of a dress. Box-fresh heels ready for freshly painted toes.

As any photographer will tell you, in the end, only a few of these morning pictures ever make it into the album, and for good reason: weddings are about people. About laughter and hugs and saying yes to forever with the support of those you love.

Image: Leanne Keaney Photography

But I hope when the album is dusted off and opened that someone will spy one or two of those shots – the wedding rings not yet worn, the dress hem still pristine (not grubby from a night of giddy dancing), nervous hands resting on a lap as make-up is applied – and the magic of that morning will come rushing back with fondness and love.

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