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The Chupi Engagement Series: Sarah & Padraic

Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

Meet the latest couple in The Chupi Engagement Series: Sarah & Padraic. Sarah tells us about her gorgeous engagement in NYC, complete with a Jazz band in Washington Square Park with the most gorgeous promise ring.

We were in the same course in NUI Galway. Technically we met 13 years ago but only really got to know each other in final year. We celebrated 9 years together on April 20th.

We booked flights to Iceland and New York for my 30th Birthday last October. The plan was to celebrate my birthday in NYC by going to see Moulin Rouge on Broadway. On the morning of my birthday in NYC, I woke up to a card that just said ‘surprise’ and had a blindfold inside. 

An hour later, I was in a taxi blindfold, unsure as to what was happening. We got out of the taxi, still blindfolded, Padraic escorted me to the spot and left me standing for a few mins.

Then he asked ‘are you ready?’ to which I responded ‘yes’, to which he responded ‘I’m not talking to you I’m talking to them’! Next thing the blindfold is off and a jazz trio start playing and singing Ain’t that a kick in the Head by Dean Martin. Once I heard that I knew exactly what was happening, I looked around me and saw we were in Washington Square Park and he was on one knee with the ring.

I think I nodded yes with my head because I was so stunned at all the effort he had put in to pull this off. I’m not an easy person to surprise. The trio continued to play 3 more of my favorite songs and we had a little dance to mark the moment. So much excitement for 8:30 am! Afterwards we went for breakfast in a cafe on St Mark’s Place and strolled around the city grinning for the day. 

Later that night we went to see Moulin Rouge, which was the best end to the best day. We found a tweet on Twitter where someone had captured of our proposal perfectly.

My Engagement Ring was always going to be Chupi – I never stop talking about how beautiful the pieces are. Chupi is one brand that I adore. I love the story behind each piece, they are all very unique. 

The experience was excellent, we visited the store , Atrium and the ladies were beyond helpful and are so invested in you choosing the perfect ring. We were even lucky enough to have Chupi assist us one evening we were in.

I’m very lucky as I ended up with a promise ring and a stunning engagement ring. For the proposal, Padraic had picked out the Hope and Magic promise ring, which is so beautiful. I think it took a few lunchtime trips to pick it out but the consultants in the shop were so friendly and helpful.

It took 3 trips and trying on many rings to settle on the Love Is All Grey Diamond. Initially, I wasn’t drawn to the grey diamonds and was looking at Classic or Morganite, but something was holding me back. On the 3rd trip, I asked to see a grey diamond, with light clarity and the first one she showed me I fell in love with, I didn’t ask to see anymore. 

Wedding plans are well underway for October 2021. Hopefully the Covid-19 will be a distant memory and we can all come together for a big party & celebration

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