Meet the latest couple in The Chupi Engagement Series: Lindsey & Austin. Lindsey tells us the story of her gorgeous engagement with the Promise Me Classic Diamond ring earlier this year.

Austin and I met 8 years ago when we worked together in a gym. We were great friends for a few years before we became a couple. Things got serious quickly as we both realised this relationship was for keeps! I moved in with him, we had our son Bodhi and we started two businesses all within 3 years of our first date.

Marriage was always in our plans, but I wasn’t expecting Austin to propose yet as we had both decided to do a Masters this year and so put saving for a house and other adult things on hold. 

I was away visiting family in Holland for the weekend when Austin, his mum Marie and our son attended the Chupi store to choose a ring. We had a romantic trip to Monart Spa planned and Austin had planned to pop the question there. Unfortunately, Austin’s father Brian passed away suddenly so we cancelled our trip. Austin had shared his plan to propose with his dad the night before he died which gave us great comfort. 

I thought he was messing at first and insisted he get up but then I saw him take the pink box out of his pocket and I knew it was for real.

In the end, the day before my birthday Austin insisted I come with him to walk the dog to one of our treasured places down by the 40 foot near where we live. It was then that I got the shock of my life when I turned around and saw him on one knee. I thought he was messing at first and insisted he get up but then I saw him take the pink box out of his pocket and I knew it was for real. If you ask Austin, he will tell you I said no 8 times and then said yes but I wasn’t counting! 

I could never imagine the type of engagement ring I would wear as with my work and lifestyle I don’t get to wear jewellery often. I like small, simple pieces. Chupi came to my attention when a client of mine started working there and I couldn’t believe the gorgeous jewellery when I looked it up.

Also, the magical stories from behind the scenes made me fall in love with this Irish brand. Austin and his mum couldn’t decide on a ring, so they went for the solid gold classic diamond hawthorn twig promise ring, intending to upgrade it later.

For me though, this ring is perfect. It suits my hand; my personality and I couldn’t imagine wearing anything bigger on my hand. This will forever be the ring Austin proposed with and that makes it my perfect engagement ring. I had a small fright when I saw that it was gold, as I am allergic to nickel and haven’t been able to wear gold jewellery in the past. However, after a quick phone call to the lovely customer care team in Chupi, we found out there is no nickel in the solid gold rings as Chupi too is allergic. I got to keep my perfect ring!    

We got engaged just before the country went into lockdown, so we have just been in our own little fiancée bubble, but we are so looking forward to celebrating with our family and friends once things get back to normal. Wedding plans will start once we get those Masters degrees finished & we will no doubt be back in the Atrium looking for our wedding bands.

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