Recently we put a call out to all recently engaged Chupi couples and asked them to share the details of their engagement with us. We are very excited to share the latest couple in our series, Arun & Esme who told us about their beautiful engagement in Sri Lanka.

How they met

Arun: 10 years ago, I was working in a cocktail bar in Nottingham after university. Esme had just moved to Nottingham to start her degree, and she started working at the same bar. I remember seeing her and being intrigued as to who she was, I started asking everyone questions to get to know more about her. I was her bar supervisor at the time so I used to give her all the nice jobs and even bring her sweets (Wispa gold chocolate bars! ) to keep her going on the night shifts! I used to try get on the good side of her friends when they came in, making special drinks and heart shaped pizzas (I think it worked).

We eventually got together around my birthday in 2010. I took her on our first official date to Twycross Zoo where I made her the best picnic she’d ever had (we both love sandwiches). We have been together ever since and have experienced everything life has had to offer. March 2020 will be our 10-year anniversary.

The Engagement Ring

Arun: I knew I wanted to propose to Esme years ago. I just wanted the right time and most importantly the right ring! I have been looking at rings for ages and tried to use Esme’s friends engagements to judge the perfect ring that she would love! I found Chupi on Instagram and I knew I wanted something unique, as I’m a devil for detail and design.

I had been looking for the perfect engagement ring for a while and knew I wanted something special. I have always been into design as it is what I do for my job. I wanted something as unique as Esme, I came across ‘salt and pepper’ diamonds and that is when I found Chupi – long before Esme knew about the brand. I had been saving images of different rings for ages trying to figure out what the perfect ring would be.

I found Chupi on Instagram and I knew I wanted something unique, as I’m a devil for detail and design.

However, whilst looking through Instagram one day, Esme spotted Chupi’s beautiful engagement rings and noticed that I had already liked their Instagram posts… She knew that a Chupi ring would be perfect. 

I visited the Chupi store in Dublin and spent around five hours in the store deliberating. I made the decision to go with the two carat, You Me and Magic – it was the perfect choice! I then had to have the ring delivered and stashed without her noticing. I had a day full of meetings at work and the ring was arriving. I managed to get a good friend to help me out and collect and keep it safe. I smuggled the ring home and hid it in my bedside table for one and half weeks – she didn’t have a clue! 

Planning the proposal

Esme had just had her 29th birthday last December and I wanted to help arrange a big trip for her 30th, so we planned to go Sri Lanka, a country she had always wanted to visit. Once we started planning our itinerary, there were so many wonderful places which I knew could be perfect for a proposal – but I knew that I wanted to do it at the start of the trip before her birthday, so we could really enjoy celebrating during the holiday (also the pressure of keeping it a secret would have just terrified me).

We planned to climb a huge rock Fortress/Unesco World Heritage Site on our first full day in Sri Lanka called Sigiriya (Lion Rock) which I knew would be a challenge as Esme is terrified of heights! However, all before this I had to try and learn about rings, Diamonds, find out her ring size and make sure that I could visit Ireland to pick the final ring – all without Esme having a clue.

Picking the perfect ring

Luckily for me I travel regularly for work and so I planned the whole thing, I said I had a meeting in Belfast (not wanting to say Dublin just in case she put two and two together) for a new hotel project, and that I had to go there and back in a day. This seemed to work out until about a week before, she asked me where I was going and I just blurted out ‘Dublin…!’ by mistake. I thought I had blown my cover, but all worked out and she didn’t have a clue.

I stayed at Esme’s Mums house (who she is very close to) the night before my flight to Ireland and I sat up speaking to her mum, trying to bring up the question that I wanted to ask Esme while we were on holiday.

It was super important for me to have Esme’s mum’s blessing before I proposed as I knew it would mean the world to her. So the day before I went to Ireland I managed to see her without Esme knowing.

Mid conversation, I said I had the second most important question of my life to ask her. I asked for her blessing and she was over the moon. Then she of course asked what the ring looked like, haha. That’s when I told her the full plan and she was super excited that she gets to buy a huge hat!

After I spent the day at the Chupi store, carefully choosing the ring, my next concern was getting her nails done for the big day. Esme is never without a set of freshly painted nails and has always said she would want her nails to be done nicely if I were ever to propose… so I tried an elaborate plan, asking one of her best friends to book her in as a pre-birthday treat.

Esme kept saying she wouldn’t get a manicure as she thought they would get damaged on our holiday, but I managed to convince her subtly and she then booked a session. So that she didn’t get suspicious, I called her nail salon and paid for her to get a colourful manicure, telling her it was part of her birthday present.

The holiday to Sri Lanka

We started packing for our holiday and I had to get the ring in my hand luggage right at the last minute. I was so worried she would catch me or see a flash of baby pink of the beautiful ring box from Chupi, which would just ruin the whole plan. We got to the airport and of course my bag got checked at security… I was freaking out as Esme was standing right next to me while security started unpacking my bag.

I started telling Esme to go to the other side while I also tried to whisper to the security guy ‘theres a ring in there!’ He didn’t get the hint… Luckily it was all good and we managed to get through without a hitch.

The Engagement

We arrived in Sri Lanka and on the first day we were all set to climb Sigiriya Rock. It was huge, I don’t think we expected it. It was half way to the top when Esme started freaking out about the climb, so I was also freaking out thinking ‘what if she doesn’t make it up’. In true style she overcame her fears and we made it to the top. We explored a bit before the worry set in for me to find an ideal spot, as I knew she never wanted to be surrounded by loads of people if I ever were to propose.

I said how much I love her, and how proud of her I was for conquering her fears to climb Sigiriya rock, so much so that I thought she deserved her own little rock!

I saw a small, secluded area under a tree and I asked her to come and sit down, it had rained a little so she kept asking why! I opened my bag as if I was to get some water out and carefully snuck the ring box into my hand. I said how much I love her, and how proud of her I was for conquering her fears to climb Sigiriya rock, so much so that I thought she deserved her own little rock!

I asked her to marry me and she didn’t answer at first… she just kept saying ‘oh my god, what are you doing!’. Eventually once she stopped shaking, I put the ring on her finger. It was a great feeling and when she calmed down, she was very happy to say ‘yes’!

We then told all our closest family and friends back home, who all were extremely excited for us. We continued to enjoy the rest of our trip which was even more amazing as we celebrated our engagement and then Esme’s 30th birthday in Sri Lanka.

Esme: When I look at my Chupi Engagement Ring now, I think of the amazing proposal moment! I am instantly reminded of our beautiful holiday to Sri Lanka and the amazing time we had, and our exciting future together. 

We are still very much in the engagement bubble! We have talked about possible locations and are considering the idea of a wedding overseas, but it will not be for a while yet… We would like to get married in 2021 to give us plenty of time to plan our ideal wedding with lots of fun and laughter. 

If a Chupi engagement ring or Chupi promise piece was a part of your engagement, we’d love to hear from you and feature you on The Chupi Blog. You can find out more details on this exciting series here.