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Our Guide to: Push Presents

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

We know that the journey to parenthood can be complicated and while the idea of a push present may not be for everyone, marking a new arrival to your family can be so special.

We love hearing the incredible stories from our amazing customers who have chosen to mark their babies arrival with a Chupi piece. From Mums who want to celebrate their strength, to proud Dads who want to express gratitude, to fiercely independent parents choosing to raise their family on their own each piece is purchased with such love and dreams of becoming a future heirloom. 

The idea of a push present isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. Jewellery is the most popular push present as it marks a special moment in life that is designed to become a future heirloom.

For those who are only coming across the idea of a push present, it can be daunting to think of the perfect gift while preparing for the arrival of a new baby, so we have put together our most popular gifts to celebrate incredible new mums.

Most Popular Push Presents

Initial Letter Disc Necklace

A solid gold initial necklace is the perfect way to mark this special moment after the birth of the baby. You could choose the new mum’s initial, the new baby’s initial or spell out the initials of both parents & the new baby. This precious piece of jewellery will last a lifetime.

Eternity is Too Short Classic Diamond Ring

Eternity rings have been worn since ancient Egypt, the perfect symbol to mark some of the most precious moments of eternal love and life. Our Eternity rings work beautifully as part of your stack to mark a special moment.

Stars in the Sky Necklace

Tiny diamonds glisten like stars in the night sky. The sparkle reminds us that while there are so many stars in the sky, there is a different star to wish upon for everyone.

Wear this darling as a reminder of moments that matter, each tiny diamond representing something, somebody or to keep your dreams close to your heart. Designed to be worn by alone or worn layered, each diamond marking a special moment.

Lucky Star Birthstone Ring

If the precious bundle of joy hasn’t arrived yet, The Lucky Star Birthstone Ring is the perfect gift to celebrate a new baby’s birth month. The sparkling gemstone marks the month that the new baby is born, a lucky star shining brightly over everything they do.

Love, Luck & Laughter Necklace

If you’re looking for a present for a mum-to-be with a growing family, Love, Luck and Laughter is the perfect gift. Whether it’s baby number two, three or four, we have gorgeous solid gold jewellery to mark each member of your family.

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