The month of August brings the soft, green glow of the Prasiolite Gemstone. This precious gemstone is a member of the crystal quartz family, and is known to be a strong amplifier of energy. Allowing light to pass through it, Prasiolite is a semi-transparent stone when compared to darker green stones such as emerald. Prasiolite is said to inspire creativity, attracting success, prosperity and abundance. Also known as the green Amethyst, the August birthstone was named after the greek words ‘prason’, meaning leek, and ‘lithos’, which means stone.

The meaning behind the August birthstone fosters compassion, self-acceptance and self-honour to ignite love and compassion within your heart. The healing properties of this gemstone are also powerful for clearing negative energy from your mind, body and spirit.

Prasiolite has a hardness of 7 on the MOHS scale, meaning it is a durable stone to wear daily. It rarely occurs in nature. When it does, it is typically found in volcanic and igneous rocks, accompanied by amethyst. This gemstone has long been valued in the world of physical healing. Prasiolite is a gorgeous stone to add to your collection for a number of reasons beyond its beauty.

Our favourite Prasiolite pieces

Lucky Star Prasiolite Birthstone Ring

A sparkling gemstone marks the month you are born, a lucky star shining brightly over everything you do. Chupi has caught one on these tiny stars to sparkle just for you held in 14k solid gold. Born Under a Lucky Star is the perfect precious gift for the August baby in your life.



Lucky Star Prasiolite Birthstone Necklace

The Lucky Star Ruby Necklace is the perfect way to carry your birthstone with you. Set in solid 14k gold, this piece is made to last a lifetime. The perfect gift for the August baby in your life.

Chupi Lucky Star Prasiolite Birthstone Neckalce

Lucky Star Birthstone Earrings

The Lucky Star Prasiolite Birthstone Earrings are part of our latest SS19 collection and would make the perfect set along with The Lucky Star Birthstone Necklace or The Lucky Star Birthstone Ring. These beauties can be worn every day and are available in solid gold or solid white gold.


From rings to necklaces and everything in between, we have the perfect Prasiolite pieces for the August babies in your life! Shop our August birthstone pieces here.