19 February – 20 March

Ruled by the enchanting and elusive Fish, Pisces is the star sign of illusions, darting in and out of the shadows.

Easygoing and acceptable of those around them, Pisceans get on with every type of personality. They are quick to put the needs of others ahead of their own, but at the same time they are very focused on their inner journey. These individuals are talented, compassionate and sensitive, and can sometimes soak up the emotions of others like a sponge. Pisces has a brilliant understanding of others and offers the best advice. Pisces are amazing at absorbing information, and make great friends with their listening powers.

Those born under the Pisces star sign have a tendency to daydream in order to escape from the real world. The dreaming and romantic sign is also known for its charming creative side. Pisces strives on or near water, especially the sea.

Pisces are selfless, they are always willing to help others in the most imaginative ways without hoping to get anything back in return. They are generous, compassionate and extremely caring. As the zodiac’s twelfth sign, Pisces is all about healing and closure. It is said that Pisces has experienced the energy of every sign before it and are known to be the most tolerant sign of the Zodiac. While not likely to be a leader, this sign’s presence is always strong.

Most Adored Pisces Pieces

Solid Gold We Are All Made of Stars Pisces Necklace

Chupi has always been in love with the stars. She is fascinated by star signs and the idea that we are born under a celestial guardian. Constellations are a mixture of science and mythology, whether you believe in star signs or not this is the perfect talisman to wear. Each constellation is composed of tiny dots on a hand shaped disc, some bigger and some smaller each marking a star.

Solid Gold Zodiac Star Sign Ancient Coin Pisces Necklace

The Zodiac Star Sign Ancient Coin Necklace is the perfect gift for the Pisces in your life. These coins were in circulation for hundreds of years, they show beautiful wear and fading. The craftsmanship the coins were made with shines through now nearly two thousand years from when they were first minted. 

The front shows two fish swimming to the left and a dolphin swimming to the right representing Pisces. On the reverse is the bust of Caracalla – Roman Emperor: 198-217 A.D. Constellations are a mixture of science and mythology, wear your Ancient Star Sign Coin as the perfect talisman.

The stars have fascinated us ever since ancient times. When the ancient Greeks and Romans first looked to the skies, they saw the constellations glittering brightly and wrote down the very first zodiac. A constellation piece is the perfect gift for the Astrology lover in your life, or a gift to yourself. Shop your star sign here.