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Patience, time, and “a little bit of magic” | Modern Love Stories, Densita & Declan

Thursday, October 13th, 2022

Here at Chupi, we are honoured to make beautiful heirlooms that become part of your story, destined to become treasured pieces that are passed down through the generations.

Be inspired by stories of love and magic as we share some of our favourite ways Chupi pieces have helped you celebrate your most precious moments. This week, we chat with Densita and Declan. From a fateful lunch meeting to a private proposal at the base of an ancient Redwood, here they share the most important chapters of their modern love story.

On first meetings

Denitsa & Declan: We met through a business transaction in 2009. One fateful lunch changed everything. It took patience and time, and a little bit of magic, to find a path.

“It took patience and time, and a little bit of magic, to find a path.”

On first impressions 

Denitsa: He was so professional, kind, caring, and somewhat mysterious.

Declan: She is a handful.

On knowing it was forever

Declan: I knew it at a business lunch on 9/15/2017.

Denitsa: When he changed all his life to be with me.

On favourite traits

Denitsa: I love his spiritual growth and the awareness of the source of life. I love his determination to reach his goals. I love his creativity. I love how smart, loving and caring he is – as a partner and a father.

Declan: Denitsa is my Venus but also my best friend. I love that she’s equal parts dazzling and supportive.

“Magic was on my side. She said yes.”

On the proposal

Declan: I proposed to Denitsa on October 30th, 2021, in an ancient Redwood grove in Northern California. It was a very private moment in the forest. Just the two of us. We were staying at a hot springs resort with no cell phone reception and this made it even more private because I couldn’t share it with anyone. Magic was on my side. She said yes.

On picking the ring

Declan: Denitsa made it easy for me to understand the ring that would work best for her. She was fully in love with Chupi from the first moment we wandered through the store in Powerscourt Townhouse. I chose the You, Me & Magic ring because who doesn’t need a little magic when they’re proposing? I requested a slightly larger centre diamond than the standard ring because I wanted a little more magic!

On the details that meant the most

Densita: I remember how raw, genuine and moving the moment was. We both teared up and experienced greater levels of joy and happiness than we ever experienced. We stayed in a state of bliss for days.

On seeing the ring

Densita: I couldn’t believe that it was happening, and on top of it with a ring that was exactly matching my dream one.

On the story behind the jewellery

Densita & Declan: Dreams come true!

On choosing Chupi 

Densita & Declan: We had visited the store a couple of times and purchased Chupi jewellery. When the pandemic hit and lockdown occurred there was no way I was going to be able to travel to Ireland to purchase the ring, so I worked online with Chupi over a period of about 6 months on a custom ring. You, Me & Magic. That was the ring I set my heart on and I worked with Chupi’s experts to fashion a custom ring with just a little more magic… A little more sparkle. Communication was easy and the ring when it was shipped was flawless and packaged beautifully.

“Look at how the ring sparkles, it’s a reminder to always keep the sparkle in your relationship.”

On advice to other engaged couples 

Densita & Declan: Dream and believe. Anything is possible. Look at how the ring sparkles, it’s a reminder to always keep the sparkle in your relationship.

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