The Love Heart Ring is one of our bestselling pieces. We love hearing how this special piece has become a part of your life. From stories of heartbreak to stories of love, the Love Heart Ring is a reminder that all you need is love.

Cast in solid 14k gold, the Love Heart Ring is one of the very first pieces that Chupi ever made. Chupi’s obsession with hearts began very early in her life. Chupi was born on Valentine’s Day. Every year for her birthday, Chupi’s mum would decorate the house with heart shaped things she had made. Ever since she was little, Chupi’s Mum would always get her a Valentine’s Day card and Chupi got her one too. Chupi thought it was something you did, like the way people give Christmas cards!

Chupi Love Heart Ring

When Chupi started designing jewellery, she sketched a heart on her finger in pencil. She loved how it looked and decided to make it in gold, turning a sketch into a delicate heart that is filled with love. We hear so many lovely stories attached to this piece, from the loveliest girl whose boyfriend broke her heart, to the guy who got the Love Heart as a promise ring for his girl, this precious piece marks so many special moments.

This darling is one of Chupi’s favourite pieces, something she made right at the very beginning. Every single piece we make is made in Ireland with love. Every piece is held, shaped and made by at least fourteen pairs of hands before it’s finished. That’s fourteen people who have poured their heart and soul into making something magical with love.

The heart is a powerful symbol of love, wear your love heart to represent the love you need in your life; whether the heart contains the love towards you, someone you love or is waiting for the perfect someone is entirely up to you. Available in solid gold and solid white gold, this precious ring is a gorgeous reminder that all you need is love.