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On love across languages and picnic proposals | Modern Love Stories, Livia & Gianluca

Friday, October 28th, 2022

Here at Chupi, we are honoured to make beautiful heirlooms that become part of your story, destined to become treasured pieces that are passed down through the generations.

Be inspired by stories of love and magic as we share some of our favourite ways Chupi pieces have helped you celebrate your most precious moments. This week, we chat with Livia and Gianluca. From meeting for the first time in Ireland to a sunny picnic proposal, here they share the most important chapters of their modern love story. 

On first meetings 

Livia: We matched on Tinder, but didn’t actually meet until almost a month! He would send me good morning texts every day and we would spend all day texting even though we hadn’t met in person yet until he decided to come back to Dublin. We had our first date in a café in town. I was so nervous that when I was leaving I forgot a bag full of new makeup I had bought, and I was so upset because the place was closed by the time I realised it. The next morning I received a photo of the bag, Gianluca had gone back there super early to get it for me!

Gianluca: We actually matched when I was back home (Italy) for the Christmas holidays and we kept chatting during the Christmas period. After nearly a month of chatting we finally met in person once I was back in Ireland. We met in a nice little café in Dublin City centre which unfortunately has closed down now. 

On first impressions 

Livia: My first thought was how sweet and funny he was, a little shy because of the language barrier but I remember thinking “Wow, he is gorgeous!” He also was super patient since I talk a lot when I’m nervous, and he seemed to be listening with a big smile on his face. 

Gianluca: I thought she was really pretty, genuine and very chatty. Her English was much better than mine back then so she was the one talking the most between us. I’m a good listener.

“I remember him saying that no matter what we would have to do, he would support my dream. And I knew then that he was very special.”

On knowing it was forever 

Livia: Both of us only had each other here in Ireland, as our family and most of our friends were living back home so having someone you can count on was massive. I remember when I told him I wanted to be a full-time wedding photographer and he supported me completely, I remember him saying that no matter what we would have to do, he would support my dream. And I knew then that he was very special.

Gianluca: I think it was a few months after we started dating that I noticed we were spending a lot of time together, the days were flying by and there was no boring moment with her. There were thoughts of going back home because I was struggling to get a job, but the idea of breaking up always pushed that plan away. I knew that I just wanted to stay with Livia.

On favourite traits

Livia: The fact that he sees us as a team and as equals with so much kindness. He is also extremely fun and makes me laugh everyday.

Gianluca: Livia always has kind words to say especially when I don’t feel my best, she’s always there for me and she can bring the best out in me.

On the proposal 

Livia: We got engaged on the 10th of July 2022 in a park near our house. I told Gianluca my biggest fear was to be proposed in a very public place surrounded by a lot of people, I wanted the moment to be about us, not a big spectacle so when he insisted we had a picnic because the weather was so lovely I thought nothing of it, as we would have picnics often.

On the details that meant the most

Livia: The fact that he had the ring under our bed for a month and I didn’t know is hilarious. I thought because I’m surrounded by weddings I would be very good at detecting when he would propose, but I had absolutely no clue! 

On picking the ring 

Gianluca: Livia works as a wedding photographer so in the past few years I had seen many engagement rings from her photos and on more than one occasion she pointed out the type of ring she liked the most. So when the time came I had a clear idea of the ring I was going to pick.

On the proposal

Livia: I remember being just confused, he insisted a lot for us to have the picnic and I was super tired from the weddings I had that week and really wanted to stay home but felt guilty because I spend all summer weekends working, so I decided to go. When he said that he had something for me I thought he meant some treats for the picnic and it took me a few seconds to see that he was on his knee! 

On seeing the ring 

Livia: I immediately started to cry as I recognised the box and knew what it was! The ring was exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t believe he got it so right.

“Having a ring that is from an Irish company really represents our story here. It was in Ireland where we found each other and this country will forever be a massive part of our story.”

On the story behind the jewellery

Livia: I have seen so many rings doing what I do and I love hearing the stories behind them, so for us having a ring that is from an Irish company really represents our story here. It was in Ireland where we found each other and this country will forever be a massive part of our story.  

On choosing Chupi 

Livia: I love that the pieces are non-traditional but still timeless.

Gianluca: I knew about the Chupi shop because I had bought other pieces there and I find them quite modern compared to the same rings from other shops. I wanted to see the ring in person before buying it, so I decided to get it from the store in Atrium. Jane assisted me with the purchase and she was great. I liked that I could choose the gem I wanted on the ring from a range of diamonds with different colours and clarity. 

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