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My #TinyPreciousMoments by Chupi Sweetman

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Hi everyone, 
I know this year might not be exactly how you planned it, it certainly feels different, but I wanted to celebrate the tiny precious moments in life that bring us joy everyday.

For most of us the last few weeks have meant a lot more time at home, if you aren’t on the frontline all we are being asked to do is stay home.

For me, there aren’t bad days, just difficult moments in the day. There are as many good moments and that’s what gets me through it all. 

Whether it’s a gorgeous homemade lunch or a sunny walk, I would love to see your #TinyPreciousMoments

Love, Chupi x

My #TinyPreciousMoments this week:

  1. Baby Update:
    The first time we went for a scan for our little girl the midwife held her breath whilst she searched for the sound of her heartbeat. Brian took a sound recording and for Christmas I had it made into a print, including the bit at the end where he said “Wow!”. This weekend we hung the print up in her nursery, in the middle of all of this we are getting ready to welcome her into the world in a few months.

2. Daily Yoga:
My 71 year old Mum does yoga every day, more often than not I only think about doing yoga every day! But being at home and no longer walking into the studio means that half an hour in the morning now belongs to a gentle stretch. One of my best friends Lydia Sasse is the most magical teacher, I do her class from @yogawithlydia and feel a little bit closer to her despite the distance.

3. Isolation Treats:
I love cooking, but I’m very spoilt at the moment because everyone is caring for me! My brother Luke and his fiancee Esme as filmmakers are caught up at home, luckily for me they have taken the time to do even more amazing cooking than usual and deliver daily food parcels to us. You can find them on @theisolationbakers. I get a text, the sound of the doorbell and there is a treat; everything from homemade sourdough bread to chocolate brownies!

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