We are so lucky to get to hear so many incredible stories from our amazing customers across the globe marking their own moments with a precious Chupi piece. In our latest series, we speak to the Chupi Team about the moments they have marked with their heirloom pieces.  

In our next installment, we speak to our amazing Operations Executive Stephenie who tells us the story behind her growing Chupi collection.

Lucky Star Grey Diamond Ring

My Lucky Star Grey Diamond ring was a gift to myself. Like most people at my age, I have been through my fair share of difficulties. There were times I felt everything was going wrong one after another and I gradually lost my confidence. While at the time I thought I was weak for struggling to get to the other side of these difficulties, I realise now that it took a lot of strength and resilience to keep going.

My Lucky Star Grey Diamond is my way of giving myself a daily reminder that I am well able for whatever life throws at me.

Diamonds are the hardest substance in the world, they are a symbol of beauty as well as one of strength and resilience. My diamond sits on my left hand so I can look at it every day and remember that I have been strong and resilient and to be confident in my abilities.

Instead of letting my rough times wear me down, I have grown from them and become stronger and more confident. My Lucky Star Grey Diamond is my way of giving myself a daily reminder that I am well able for whatever life throws at me.

You are the Moon Necklace

A piece I had my eye on for a while was the “You Are The Moon” necklace, which my lovely boyfriend surprised me with. Chupi created this piece after she was inspired by the E.E. Cummings quote, “You are my sun, my moon and all my stars”, a phrase that I love and think of every time I wear it.

Tiny Diamond Eternity Huggies

The latest addition to my collection is my Diamond Eternity Huggies Tiny Hoop Earring. As soon as I heard about the new huggies I knew they would be perfect for my second (or third) ear piercing.

I may or may not have gotten my ear pierced again just to make room! I love that these can be bought individually so I can wear different earrings together – it makes me excited to add to my collection and curate the perfect earring combination.

Do you have a story behind your Chupi stack? We would love to hear it. Email emily@chupi.com with Your Chupi Story and some images of your stack to be featured.