We are so lucky to get to hear so many incredible stories from our amazing customers across the globe marking their own moments with a precious Chupi piece. In our latest series, we speak to the Chupi Team about moments they have marked with their heirloom pieces.  

In our first installment, our brilliant Production Lead Roisin talks us through the Chupi pieces in her collection, what moments they have marked and the Chupi piece at the top of her wishlist for her 30th birthday next year.

“My Chupi Story started with the Solid Gold Love Heart Ring, but since then I’ve added to it. My Chupi Collection currently consists of the Lucky Star Moonstone Ring, the Hope & Magic Moonstone Ring, the Always Remember Signet Ring, the Hope & Magic tiny Grey Diamond Studs, Solid Gold Scorpio Zodiac Coin Necklace.”

I absolutely love my Zodiac Coin necklace. My star sign is Scorpio and this coin is cast from an Ancient Greek coin. I remember the day Chupi brought in the coins that they were cast from, it was so cool getting to see them up close.”

“My boyfriend got me the Solid Gold Love Heart ring for my birthday 2 years ago and it was my first solid piece so it means a lot to me and I very rarely take it off. On my right hand, I wear my Hope and Magic Moonstone ring and lucky star moonstone ring together on my middle finger. They’re the beginning of my ring stack which I can’t wait to add to!”

“Next on my list is the Solid Gold Stag Coin Necklace. I’m turning 30 next year and this is the perfect piece to mark that moment!”

Do you have a story behind your Chupi stack? We would love to hear it. Email emily@chupi.com with Your Chupi Story and some images of your stack to be featured.