We are so lucky to get to hear so many incredible stories from our amazing customers across the globe marking their own moments with a precious Chupi piece. In our latest series, we speak to the Chupi Team about the moments they have marked with their heirloom pieces.  

In our next installment, we speak to our amazing Lead Designer Lisa who tells us about the Chupi pieces she has collected over the last five years and the piece on top of her wishlist this Christmas.

“My Chupi story began five years ago when I started working for Chupi. I bought my first piece, a moonstone Beauty in the Wild back in 2014. Since then, I’ve upgraded most of my pieces to solid gold now and I never take them off. I love the idea of these pieces being an heirloom that I can one day pass on.”

“I wear the Lucky Star Sapphire Birthstone Ring on my left hand. Sapphire is my birthstone, I was never really drawn to blue sapphires but when I saw the black ones that Chupi chose for these rings I knew I had to have it! I bought the North Star Signet Ring as a gift to myself. Chupi designed this ring to be a guiding star for moments when you need to remind yourself to follow your heart.”

“The claddagh ring that I wear belonged to my granny, it was passed down to my mam but it didn’t fit and she couldn’t bear to change or resize it so she gave it to me on my 18th birthday. I haven’t taken it off since.”

“The Sun Moon & Stars ring set is my all time favourite. I knew I wanted these rings before Chupi had even finished designing them! I wear the Moon & Star ring together on my right hand, stacked with the Hope & Magic Black Diamond Ring I got as a gift from Chupi for working here for five years. It’s such a special piece that I’ll treasure forever!”

“Next on my wishlist is the Single Plain Tiny Huggie. I’ve just had my second lobe piercing so I’ll be buying myself it for Christmas!”

Do you have a story behind your Chupi stack? We would love to hear it. Email emily@chupi.com with Your Chupi Story and some images of your stack to be featured.