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Meet the Chupi Customer Experience Team

Monday, February 8th, 2021

Our incredible jewellery consultants are here to help you mark life’s most important moments. Whether it’s a new baby, a job promotion or a me to me heirloom ring, our Customer Experience are here to assist you with all your heirloom queries and to help you find your perfect piece.

Simply email and one of our incredible team will guide you on your heirloom journey, from choosing your unique stone to our interest free Payment Plan.

Kate, Jewellery Consultant

What’s your favourite thing about being on the Chupi Care team?

I love this team! We are so well balanced and compliment each other really well. It’s a total safe space to ask questions, throw out ideas, and support each other. I feel really lucky!

What’s on your Chupi wish list?

What isn’t?! I currently have the Hope & Magic grey diamond necklace on a payment plan, and the Written In The Stars is potentially next for a plan! And the Half Eternity ring! I am definitely most attracted to sparkly pieces, the more eye catching, simple, delicate, stackable the better!

Tell us your favourite customer story:

I encountered a kindred spirit in Martha who had broken up with her boyfriend in November and wanted a necklace she’d wanted forever to “mark the occasion”. I similarly invested in a piece of artwork to mark my own breakup. I wanted to have something to make me smile rather than cry. A true bond was made!

This also might sound silly but 99% of my exchanges with customers are favourites because they’re so unique and representative of a special moment which you can feel a part of.

I try really hard to make each customer feel listened to and appreciated, and I’ve had some really moving interactions. From engagements to breakups, miscarriages to new babies, they’re all equally significant and they all stand out and they all mark something really important to that person especially.

It’s a powerful role to be in and with it comes a great sense of responsibility and a requirement to be both sensitive and helpful without overstepping. There’s a lot of tough situations people are dealing with, and I think it shows such strength to face and honour those situations by marking them and proudly wearing that moment.

Sarah, Jewellery Consultant

What’s your favourite thing about being on the Chupi Care team?

It’s lovely being in a role that allows me to chat with customers on a daily basis. To be able to listen to people’s stories, and help to guide them through really special purchases for really important moments is something I am lucky to get to do.

What’s on your Chupi wishlist?

My fiance’s and my wedding bands are currently in the works, so those would have been at the very top of my wishlist! Other than that, I definitely have my eye on the Crown of Faith as a sparkly me-to-me piece for my stack.

Tell us your favourite customer story:

It’s hard to think of just one! We speak to so many people on a daily basis, that each have their own story and unique reason for why their piece means so much to them. One of my favourites that I think of often was a lovely girl I helped during my time working in our store. She spent so much time finding the perfect ring to propose to her girlfriend with – the diamond needed to be as special and unique as she was. A few months later, her now fiancee visited us, wearing her ring, and I got to help her find the perfect engagement ring for her bride to be! She did not want her partner to miss out on a precious heirloom just because she had been the one to do the asking. I was so excited to get to help them both behind the scenes, and be in on two sparkly surprises for one lovely couple!

Jessie, Customer Experience Team Lead

What’s your favourite thing about being on the Chupi Care team?

I adore keeping all the precious secrets safe and helping mark so many important moments with our Customers. As the Team Lead I’m very lucky as I get to be involved in so many different aspects of our customers’ journey.

What’s on your Chupi wishlist? 

I have two pieces at the top of my wish list right now, Written in the Stars and our Lucky star necklace in Sapphire. I’m also trying to decide on my wedding ring which is turning into a Wedding ring stack the longer I think about it!! 

Tell us your favourite customer story? 

I honestly can’t choose just one. But as I approach my year anniversary working here I am still shocked and honoured each and every day that our customers choose to share their happiest & saddest moments with us. I love hearing about everything from the me to me gifts to mark the smallest of moments or the elaborately planned proposals that leave our entire team waiting for the “My partner said YES” email. 

All our customer stories are both magical and unforgettable in their own way. 

Elisa, Jewellery Consultant

What’s your favourite thing about being on the Chupi Care team?

We get to hear so many incredibly heartfelt stories from our customers. The Chupi customer is so unique and passionate just like all our beautiful pieces. I love how everyone has such a special meaning behind the pieces they purchase. It’s definitely special and such a privilege to even be just a little part of marking such precious moments; whether it be an engagement, anniversary, birthday, and me-to-me gifts to celebrate special milestones! 

What’s on your Chupi wishlist? 

I have so many pieces on my wishlist that I not so subtly given to my husband in case he needs ideas, however pieces keep getting added on! Although I definitely want to work on my ring stack game and purchase some me-to-me diamonds. I’ve been eying the Edwardian Hawthorn Diamond Half Eternity Ring and the North Star Tiny Signet Ring

Tell us your favourite customer story:

It’s so hard to pick, we get to hear so many unique stories daily and from all over the word! I find it incredible how our jewellery holds such a special meaning. I love hearing from customers who have felt drawn and connected from visiting Ireland. Or moved away from home and want to have a special piece to remind them of home or of that special trip. I also love hearing all the sentimental stories of new mothers purchasing diamonds for their newborn daughters to gift when they get older. I adore the meaning behind purchasing your own diamonds and love how Chupi customers feel the same way! There is definitely something magical about a Chupi piece that is hard to describe, however our customers know exactly what it is! 

Mollie, Jewellery Consultant

What’s your favourite thing about being on the Chupi Care team?

My favourite thing about being on the Chupi Care team is having the opportunity to speak with people all over the world and hear the reasons behind the purchase of their special Chupi pieces. No two stories are the same, every customer is so unique so you never know what the day is going to bring! While working from home, I feel so lucky to still be able to connect with people from all walks of life from behind my computer screen and there is no better feeling than being told you’ve made someone’s day – especially in times like these!

What’s on your Chupi wishlist? 

Where to start!? For rings, it has to be the Solid Gold Darling in the Wild, Lab Grown Diamond Polished Band Ring paired with the Edwardian Hawthorn Diamond Half Eternity Ring -this simplistic stack is what my dreams are made of! Until then, I have my eye on our Solid Gold To The Moon & Back Necklace to layer with my We Are All Made Of Stars, Aries Star Sign Necklace!

Tell us your favourite customer story:

I could never pick just one! Helping our clients pick the perfect ring for engagements is always so special. We guide them through their questions, concerns and conditions of this milestone purchase in their life, we get to know them and hear about their (hopefully!) soon to be fiancé/e, so much so, that when they come back to us with with their good news, we almost feel like we know their partner as well as we know them! Hearing about ‘me-to-me’ purchases is another huge favourite of mine. We love nothing more than to hear of someone entering a new chapter in their personal or professional life and marking the occasion with a piece they will treasure and possibly pass down in years to come.

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