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What I Do: Meet Suzanne, Production & Marketing Executive

Meet Suzanne, Production and Marketing Executive at Chupi! What is your role?

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Meet Suzanne, Production and Marketing Executive at Chupi!

What is your role?

I have 2 roles! As production executive, I look after things like bespoke orders and keeping on top of stock levels in the studio and ATRIUM. On Thursdays and Fridays I work as marketing executive alongside Zoe, Emily and Jennie. My marketing role is really varied and dependent on what activities are on the busy marketing calendar, but in general on a weekly basis, I write copy for our newsletter emails and blog posts for the Chupi blog. I also look after influencer and blogger collaborations so am always on the lookout for people who would match our brand and make great brand ambassadors.

Chupi What I Do Meet Suzanne Production and Marketing Executive

Suzanne wears the Your North Star Necklace

How did you get here?

I’ve been at Chupi since Summer 2016 when I started as the Marketing and PR intern straight out of college with a degree in Classics and Italian. I interned for a couple of months before being offered the role of looking after production whilst Anna went on maternity leave. I knew it was a fantastic opportunity but having no prior production experience, it was definitely a daunting task! After training alongside Anna before she left, I was then in charge of giant spreadsheets, coordinating work with various parties and ensuring all of the jewellery was made and on time! Since Anna returned, I’ve held my 2 roles.

Best bits?

I feel really lucky to work with such lovely people! Everyone in the team is just so passionate about what they do and we’re all a really tight knit bunch.

Another perk is of course working with all the beautiful jewellery and seeing them grow from Chupi’s design in her notebook to the finished product! When the finished piece arrives after passing through so many hands, there is always so much excitement as we all gather around to take a peek!

People or businesses or brands you admire?

I have huge admiration for Chupi! Her work ethic is incredible and she has created a wonderful environment for the team to thrive in.

For brands, I love Glossier; not only for the amazing products, but also their brand identity, values and how they engage with their fans.

Chupi What I Do Meet Suzanne Production and Marketing Executive

Suzanne holds the Hawthorn Twig Infinity Double Circle Necklace in Gold

Top tips for getting into your role?

I think coming out of college with an arts degree can be very daunting; I know I was definitely jealous of friends doing subjects like medicine or accounting who had a clearer vision of their careers after graduation! I wanted to work in the fashion industry but I didn’t quite know how to get a fashion related role. That’s where internships come in, they’re a fantastic way to get your foot in the door of whatever industry you’re looking to work in, to gain experience in the field and decide whether it’s something you want to pursue. A couple of us in the Chupi team started as interns in the company before landing full time roles.

Also, attention to detail and a knowledge of spreadsheets are very handy to have whether you work in production or marketing!

Favourite Chupi piece and why?

Definitely the Hope and Magic Grey Diamond ring which myself and my sister have. I wanted to make them extra unique so got the inside of the bands engraved. My mum has the Hope and Magic Grey Diamond necklace so now we all have matching grey diamonds!

Production and Marketing Executive at Chupi Suzanne Wai

Production and Marketing Executive at Chupi Suzanne Wai

Photographs by Alex Sheridan

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