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What I Do: Meet Courtney, Jewellery Consultant

Next up on our Chupi Team What I Do series is our multi-talented Jewellery Consultant, herbalist, goat owner and mushroom forager Courtney! What is your role?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Next up on our Chupi Team What I Do series is our multi-talented Jewellery Consultant, herbalist, goat owner and mushroom forager Courtney!

What is your role?

I feel lucky to work with the Chupi team as a Jewellery Consultant. I have a varied role that involves sourcing new suppliers, components or tools to streamline production and assisting with implementing the new online inventory system. I also help out in the studio making jewellery too.

How did you get here?

I have made jewellery all of my life. I used to run MayFly online and Temple Bar shop where I created unusual jewellery at all price ranges. Part of my role involved regular travel around Europe, USA and South East Asia to source new raw materials such as gemstones or intricate silver beads.

I also worked with and sold the work of many talented Irish based designers such as Chupi, at the very start of her jewellery line, and before that, her clothing line.

My skills lie in sourcing solutions to jewellery production issues, attention to detail and making jewellery to specification. I get great satisfaction in finding solutions that improve production and quality.

What I Do Meet Courtney Jewellery Consultant

Courtney making a Swan Feather Demi Crown Headpiece

Best bits?

After being self-employed nearly all of my life, I didn’t think I’d ever enjoy working in an office. However, the Chupi studio is a light-filled, funky, comfortable place to work. Everyone is tight knit and works hard together. Poppy and Rufus running around the studio or curling up on warm chairs in the sunlight is a joy to behold.

Chupi and Brian recently fitted out the studio with very fancy comfortable executive chairs for everyone. There are designer walnut desk tops and headphones for when you need to concentrate on a task at hand, and listen to podcasts or Spotify. Fancy teas, snacks and office yoga sessions to work it all off and unwind. It’s such an inspiring work environment. It’s also a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by so many talented females!

People or businesses or brands you admire?

I have known Chupi for about 15 years. It’s with great admiration and awe that I watch her create the successful brand that is Chupi. I’ve been so amazed to watch it unfold from afar, but really delight in seeing how she does this from the inside. It’s remarkable to see a young vibrant business woman grow a large business while at the same time maintain a commitment to customer and staff loyalty and to treat everyone with the kindness and enthusiasm that she does. That being said, I have never met anyone with a work ethic to match Chupi’s!

I also admire:

The Fumbally Cafe– I really admire what Aisling and Luca have created and for me this is a super inspiring community led business model and more importantly a space in which incredible things happen. I highly recommend you pop in for a meal or a workshop.

Katie Sanderson– Dublin based food artist. If you’ve ever had one of Katie’s bowls or her peanut rayu, you’ll know what I mean!

Lydia Sasse– Dublin based yoga teacher. I’ve seen her really becoming the essence of yoga in recent years and I’m really envious of her full lotus position.

April Danann– a medical intuitive who gave me a reading that changed my life (and I didn’t think I believed in such things).  She’s also a herbalist and food fermenting goat keeper- all interests which I share!

What I Do Meet Courtney Jewellery Consultant

Courtney wears the Maxi Swan Feather Necklace and Hawthorn Twig Infinity Maxi Double Circle Necklace

Top tips for getting into your role?

An attention to detail is important, it’s the little things that matter. A good understanding of the global marketplace, how and where things are made and how to source things locally where possible and online. Negotiation skills and good communication are vital.

As far as making jewellery goes, there are many places to learn this. I teach workshops a couple of times a year in my Library Bus workshop. There are many silversmithing studios you could learn from too, such as where Chupi first learned these skills with Cormac Cuffe.

If you enjoy a holiday in Thailand there are a lot of silversmithing courses in Chiang Mai which I’d also recommend.

Favourite Chupi piece and why?

My favourite Chupi piece is the maxi gold swan feather pendant. I’ve been wearing her swan feather necklace and ring for the past 4 years and still love it as much now as when I first bought it. I have two chains for the swan pendant and I like to wear it short or long.

I have this piece in gold plated sterling silver, and while I could get it re-golded I really love the way that the silver shows through, the piece only improves with age in my opinion. I wear both silver and gold jewellery and many days at the same time, I think this mixed metal helps marry them together.

I appreciate that the base of Chupi’s cast pendants is in sterling silver, so it will stand the test of time and, like gold, will always maintain its value and can always be polished back to its original shine.

What I Do Meet Courtney Jewellery Consultant

What I Do Meet Courtney Jewellery Consultant

Photographs by Alex Sheridan

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