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Lockdown learnings with Laura, Head of Marketing at Chupi

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

In our next WFH series, our Head of Marketing Laura tells us about what learnings she is coming out of lockdown with and her favourite moments from the last couple of weeks.

Although we’re not back to normal yet and many of us are still working from home, we’re looking back at the things we learned over the last couple of weeks and the good habits we hope to take with us going forward.

Whilst it wasn’t all a bed of roses and there were some hairy moments trying to work, mind kids and stay safe, healthy and sane.. There were some really wonderful moments with my kids that I will treasure forever, this whole experience has made me value the simple things in life so much more.

Having breakfast together, going for a cycle on my lunch, picnics in the garden and even swimming in the rain! I realised that the words “hurry up, let’s go” were a huge part of what I said to my kids.. And I’m sure that will return one day, but I hope to a lesser extent than before.

Amongst the chaos, we learned to be creative with date nights and trying to make time for each other – I learned that my husband makes a great Gin & Tonics in a Passata Bottle and fish & chips taste better on the beach!

Stay tuned for more lockdown learnings from the Chupi Team.

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