Our birthstone for the month of July is one of the most beautiful stones in our collection, Ruby.

The meaning behind the July birthstone

The warm, red glow of the Ruby gemstone reflects the inextinguishable flame within the stone. Legends claimed that the precious stone would shine through the thickest of clothing and could not be hidden. The Ruby gemstone is associated with royalty, power and passion and is known to represent life and increase courage. The precious stone is believed to motivate the wearer to achieve goals, acquire leadership skills and amass wealth. Warriors in Burma would implant rubies into their skin before battle for protection and courage on the battlefield. Ancients believed that the Ruby surpassed all other precious stones in virtue and that its value exceeded that of a diamond.

Ruby Birthstone Gift Ideas

Lucky Star Ruby Birthstone Ring

It has been said the future is written in the stars, but we believe you make your own future. Wear your tiny twinkling Lucky Star ring to remind you that the future is yours. Whether you wear your own birthstone or simply the one you love best is up to you.Chupi-Ruby-Birthstone

Lucky Star Ruby Birthstone Necklace

The Lucky Star Ruby Necklace is the perfect way to carry your birthstone with you. Set in solid 14k gold, this piece is made to last a lifetime. The perfect gift for the July baby in your life.Chupi-Ruby-Birthstone1

Lucky Star Ruby Birthstone Stud Earrings

The Lucky Star Ruby Birthstone Earrings are part of our latest SS19 collection and would make the perfect set along with The Lucky Star Birthstone Necklace or The Lucky Star Birthstone Ring. These beauties can be worn every day and are available in solid gold or solid white gold.


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