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IWD: A directory of incredible women-owned businesses

Friday, March 5th, 2021

This year for International Women’s Day, we decided to champion  the incredible women owned businesses we, and our community, adore. We asked our followers who you would like us to profile, and we were overwhelmed by the incredible businesses suggested.

Happy #IWD, here’s to incredible women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Imara Earth

Imara Earth is a conscious clothing brand founded by the lovely Amy Condell. Each piece is made with sustainability in mind, from multifunctional and unisex designs, to locally sourced natural materials. Imara Earth source their fabric from local Irish linen mills, in order to support local businesses and cut down our carbon footprint.  

Shop Imara Earth here.

Bees of Honey

Bees of Honey is a Self-Care shop that caters for your daily skincare and space care needs founded by Mimmie Malaba. From healing handmade candles to whipped body butters, this gorgeous Self-Care brand would made a gorgeous gift to yourself or a loved one.

Shop Bees of Honey here.

Courageous Heart Fertility Journal

Caryn started this venture after having gone through fertility treatment herself and out of this experience, Courageous Heart was born in Cork, the name inspired by Brene Brown!

Caryn has since become a mum twice, and has spoken to many women who have gone on to become mothers too after meeting them at the very beginning of their journeys.

The journal includes sections to log thoughts and desires, appointment notes, medication as well as a gratitude area to note little brighter moments that may often go unnoticed. Caryn has also included some positive affirmations as well to carry the user through the harder days as a little reminder of just how courageous they actually are even when it was felt the least. 

Shop the Courageous Heart Fertility Journal here.


reuzi is Ireland’s #1 one-stop shop for living a sustainable lifestyle. This incredible company offers a wide range of high quality products and educational services for the greater good.

They deliver long lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes to enable you to be the best version of yourself.

Find out more about reuzi here.

Grá Chocolates

Grá Chocolates is a chocolate brand founded on giving the best quality produce created into a mouthful of excitement. Founded by Gráinne in Co. Galway, Grá Chocolates source their ingredients locally and sustainably, based on their conviction that great taste comes from the finest ingredients.

Shop Grá Chocolates here.

All for Love, London

All for Love is a leading London florist totally dedicated to producing the most beautiful Event and Wedding flowers. They specialise in large, horticultural sculptures and public, art installations. 

Visit All for Love, London.

M.I.O. Prints

M.I.O. Prints’ is a lifestyle inspired by fashion and the artistic patterns of African Prints. In staying true to their roots, MIO prints choose African prints popularly known as Ankara and Kente. Their products include hair bonnets and headwraps, robes and pyjama/loungewear.

The ethos of MIO Prints is very much focused on a social movement, building a community of like-minded people and inspiring young people to embrace their unique strengths. 

Shop MIO Prints here.

House of Indi

House of Indi is the concept of Zoë Carney who, with a background in design, has always been inspired by the marriage of different historical and cultural aesthetics in the world of interiors.

The essence of preloved pieces with their beauty of imperfection has always held a fascination for Zoë. This has led her on the journey of sourcing unique pieces world wide, with an eye for the eclectic and a deep understanding of the splendor of faded grandeur.

Shop House of Indi here.

Stems Brooklyn

Stems Brooklyn is an Eco Conscious florist based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded by Suzanna Cameron in 2013, her flower journey began in a darkly lit speakeasy bar in Brooklyn. Stems Brooklyn strives towards creating a more sustainable floral industry by engaging in fair an environmentally aware business practices.

Shop Stems Brooklyn here.


Maker is an award winning creative branding & graphic design studio based in Dublin, with clients far and wide. Maker believes that good design adds value to brands and gives them the visual assets to grow their business with confidence.

Find out more about Maker here.

Miimi & Jiinda

Miiimi & Jiinda is an Australian Art business, founded by Aboriginal mother and daughter, Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood.

Miimi & Jiinda’s aim is to create beautiful, unique artworks that connect with the world. They are passionate about painting pieces that reflect their own personal stories and unique journeys as Indigenous women. Their creations endeavour to uplift and inspire our senses, spark conversations, and bring light to important issues. As proud Gumbaynggirr custodians, Lauren and Melissa love to share their interpretations of Country, which spring from their own personal cultural identities as Aboriginal women. 

Shop Miimi & Jiinda here.

Fernwood Flowers

Fernwood Flowers was established in 2016 by the lovely Brigid when she returned to Ireland after almost 20 years working in the wedding and events business in the US and the UK. Since launching a few years ago, Fernwood Flowers has become recognised in the Irish wedding industry for exceptional flower design. They believe in using as many local and seasonal flowers as possible to create organic, garden-inspired arrangements which reflect the changing seasons. 

Shop Fernwood Flowers here.

The Ripped Bodice

The Ripped Bodice is the only exclusively romance bookstore on the West Coast founded by sisters Leah and Bea Koch.

The Ripped Bodice features a vast and diverse selection of romance fiction. In addition to books, the store has a wide selection of gift items with a focus on supporting independent, female owned businesses.

Shop The Ripped Bodice Store here.

Pickled PomPom Stationary

Pickled Pom Pom is a small design studio founded in late 2018 by Laura Dempsey. With a background in design for high street children’s wear, Laura designs and illustrates her range of cards and prints from a small home studio in Co. Kildare. From the beginning the goal has been to spread a little joy, light and hope via her paper goods.

Shop Pickled PomPom here.

Bean and Goose

The Bean and Goose journey began in 2014 when sisters and founders Karen and Natalie started making chocolate together. Bean and Goose chocolate is made using the complex and rich flavours of single origin chocolate paired with flavours and ingredients that reflect and celebrate the Irish seasons. Bean and Goose have a passion for using seasonal, natural ingredients.

Shop Bean & Goose here.

Kindred of Ireland

Founded in 2018, Kindred is a story of revival. A vision of breathing new life into the best parts of our Irish linen heritage. We take inspiration from a time of local craftsmanship and a desire to create pieces that will have a place in your every day.

Shop Kindred of Ireland here.

Mimi & Bowe

Mimi & Bowe is a kids loungewear and sleepwear brand founded and designed by Olwen Mc Auliffe. Having designed for denim and retail brands in New York and Dublin for many years, Olwen had already embraced slow fashion and a more considered way of living by the time her girls arrived.

Mimi & Bowe was created with comfort, style and sustainability at its heart. Its principle of interchangeability – mixing colours, tops and bottoms or styling out mono combinations – was always imagined as cosies for sleepy heads who may not want to change before they hit the playground.

Shop Mimi & Bowe here.

Martha Brook

A self-confessed stationery addict, Martha’s love of paper goods was evident from an early age when she started her first stationery business aged ten. Martha went on to study Science at University, embarking upon a successful career in the healthcare industry – but that lifelong obsession with stationery was never far away. In 2013, Martha left her corporate role with the dream of doing something more purposeful and followed her passion to create Martha Brook.

The brand name combines Martha’s name with where the brand originated, her first home in Brook Green, London.

Shop Martha Brook here.

WildFlower Salon

WildFlower is a gorgeous hair salon based in Ranelagh, Dublin founded by Danielle Garner. A place where you can relax in the comfort that your artists and their expertise will consult and create the hair you have always wanted. The Wildflower oasis is full of wonder and joy.

Find out more about Wildflower Salon here.

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