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Introducing The One of a Kind Collection

Friday, March 4th, 2022

We’re so excited to share our limited edition One Of A Kind Grey Diamond collection with you.

From dark and stormy to bright and fiery, each beautiful diamond has been hand-selected by Chupi from her personal grey diamond archives. We caught up with her to explore how her love affair with the stormy stones started, and what inspired her to release these personal pieces.

How did you first fall in love with grey diamonds?

My love for grey diamonds began when Brian proposed. I remember just falling in love with the idea that you could have a diamond that was completely yours.

What do you love most about them?

They’re not everyday diamonds – each pattern is unique and only a small percentage will be utterly beautiful.

What inspired you to first design grey diamond jewellery?

Grey diamonds were the unloved little sister of the more classic diamond, but I think what makes them not a classic diamond is what makes them unique and beautiful.

We each see beauty differently, and I love that with a grey diamond you can choose whatever one makes your heart beat faster – I might love deep, dark inclusions that are like looking into the night sky, and you might like light, white, bright and sparkling. We can each find our own version of beauty in them.

I’m so passionate about disrupting the diamond industry, which is why I’m so drawn to grey diamonds, and lab-grown diamonds too. Each in its own way is transforming the future of diamonds.

How did these particular grey diamonds end up in your personal collection?

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I went on a real odyssey to learn about diamonds, meeting incredible people from all over the world. I met diamond experts in London and New York – amazing people who had been in the diamond business for generations and were now looking at diamonds with a fresh set of eyes.

Over the years, I would find the grey diamonds we needed for our collections but always there’d be one unusual stone that wouldn’t work with anything we had, but that was too unbelievably beautiful to say no to.

Why did you decide to release these gemstones from your private collection?

I had ended up with quite a collection of very beautiful and unique grey diamonds. Sitting looking at them over the past few years, I really felt that these diamonds deserved to be out in the world, being worn and loved, to be part of someone’s forever.

How did you go about designing the One Of A Kind Grey Diamond collection?

Each of these diamonds I fell in love with individually and that’s why the only way to bring them into the world is if each one is completely unique. Each ring had to be made to perfectly fit each diamond, so they are true originals.

From finally being able to make a Starlight grey diamond ring to creating an elegant oval-cut grey diamond, or an art deco-inspired cushion-cut beauty – we would never be able to source enough of these gemstones to add these pieces into our lineup, but I’m so thrilled we can include them in this limited edition collection.

The One of a Kind collection is extremely limited, with only one of each style, so is available to purchase via appointment only. Book yours now to take a closer look.

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