Introducing the Limited Edition Champagne Diamond Collection.

We never intended to add Champagne Diamonds to our collection. We recently sourced some beautiful Champagne Diamonds that are like nothing we have ever seen before, we knew we had to add them to our collection! Champagne Diamonds are the perfect stone to make your heirloom ring one of a kind piece.

What is a Champagne Diamond?

Champagne Diamonds are part of the ‘fancy coloured’ diamonds family, including pink and yellow diamonds. A champagne diamond is a type of coloured diamond that’s warmer in colour than a traditional white or colourless diamond, resembling the colour of champagne. Champagne stones are specifically sought out for their beautiful, natural colouring. 

Just like grey, lab grown and classic diamonds, Champagne Diamonds are a 10 on the MOHS Scale of Hardness, making them the most durable stone for your heirloom. 

Our Champagne Diamond collection is exclusively available in our You Me & Magic, Sparkle in the Wild, Love is All and Darling in the Wild ring styles, there’s just one of each style available. 

Champagne Diamond Collection

Sparkle in the Wild Champagne Diamond Ring

Like a sparkle of sunlight catching the early morning dew in the hedgerows, this champagne diamond is set in a claw setting atop one of our signature rings. The champagne diamond sparkles with an inner fire. Sparkle in the Wild is the perfect heirloom ring to mark a special moment.

You Me & Magic Champagne Diamond Ring

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it, the immortal words of Roald Dahl were written for all of us who believe not only in magic but love. Love is a magical thing, Chupi designed this ring with each gemstone representing You, Me & Magic. An heirloom piece, a sparkling solitaire Champagne Diamond sits flanked by two tiny gems atop one of our signature rings.

Darling in the Wild Champagne Diamond Ring

Our signature Darling in the Wild heirloom ring is the perfect piece to mark a precious moment. Like a sparkle of sunlight catching the early morning dew in the hedgerows, this darling glitters with light.

The baby sister to our classic solitaire ring Sparkle in the Wild, Darling in the Wild is set with a half carat champagne diamond in a claw setting atop one of our signature rings.

Love is All Champagne Diamond Ring

Three diamonds sparkle on your finger, each representing a word of that immortal phrase Love Is All. Whether a gift to someone special or a reminder to yourself, this is the perfect ring to mark a precious moment.

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