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“I can’t wait for a hug, a cup of tea and a gossip in the kitchen”: Four Chupi Team Members on what They Want Their Mum to Know This Mother’s Day

Friday, March 12th, 2021

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked four of our team members to tell us a little bit more about their brilliant mums, and share some favourite memories. 

Danielle Gregg, Assistant Store Manager, on her mum Sandra. 

My mam was a perm lover! My earliest memory of her was her leaving for the day and coming home with pin straight hair – it was emotionally scarring at the time as the bush-headed woman was my mother, not this sleek redhead. I remember running away from her and her being cracked up trying to console me. It took a new Furby to calm me down! 

Mam was a complete and utter rebel when she was younger. She used to skip school constantly (to hide from the nuns) and go on adventures by herself around Ballybrack. She wanted to be a professional dancer and was (and still is) obsessed with Micheal Jackson. The Thriller dance is 100 per cent her party piece! 

In my favourite photo of me with my mam, I’m four years old in my Liverpool kit and she is pregnant with my little sister.

Growing up, on Mother’s Day all of the women in my family (once you hit 16) go out together for the day and leave all the kids and husbands at home. Roast dinner, lots of drinks and karaoke if we can find somewhere that will fit 15+ drunk women. I have loved every year so far but my favourite will be the next one, when we can all celebrate together once my Aunt can travel home.

My mam is huge on respect. Respecting elders, neighbours and those around you with less than you. She would scream “Mind your Ps and Qs” everytime I left the house (meaning to mind your manners, but I never understood how). It is something I will never forget (and no doubt scream at my kids when the time comes).

We’re a bit too similar – we’re the two that butt heads most often. Our only differences are probably our height and hair colour. 

Mam received an emerald Claddagh ring years ago from her first boyfriend (not my dad – awkward!). It was the first piece of jewellery she was gifted; being a tomboy she didn’t wear anything but plastic bangles and huge 80s hoops. She passed it to me on my 16th birthday and I wore it for five years until my little sister turned 16. She wears it now, and will until either of us have a 16-year-old to pass it onto. It will be something I look forward to for my future son or daughter.

This Mother’s Day, I want her to know that she is by far, the most beautiful and influential person to me. I cannot go a day without texting or wanting to chat with her about absolutely anything. She’s still the woman I go to for every question about cooking (even though she’s awful at it) and any time I’m having an “adulting” crisis, I need to run it by her! I would be lost without her.

Una O’Boyle, Chupi Marketing Manager on her mum Anne.

Some of my earliest memories of my mam are her baking in the kitchen and the smell of fresh bread wafting through the house, usually with the radio on (she was a big fan of Marian Finucane so this was probably the show playing. ) There were definitely shoulder pads in whatever she was wearing too! 

My mum loved a giant platform shoe teamed with a mini skirt. She used to travel from Dublin to Carlow on the bus to visit my Dad at the weekends before they got married – my aunts and uncles always tell me about the glam outfits she’d arrive in and her heels getting stuck in the mud in the countryside! 

My favourite photo of the two of us was taken at my sister’s Wedding in 2014. It was such a gorgeous day and looking at it brings back some really nice memories.

We always celebrated Mother’s Day with a homemade card. She’s kept nearly all of them from me and all my siblings. There would also always be a terrible attempt at breakfast in bed – soggy toast or something just as bad! 

Even if it was her last euro, if someone needed it mam would hand it straight over. That’s one of the lessons that has stuck with me the most: you never know what other people are going through, so be kind and appreciate everything you do have. 

We are both complete worriers and love a good cup of tea. However, every morning mam still jumps out of bed at 6am, full of beans and is ready for a day of looking after everyone and making sure the house is nice. I really wish I picked that trait up from her – I’m definitely a lot lazier!

Mam has a gorgeous twist style engagement ring and classic gold band wedding ring that she’s never seen without. She has added to it over the years, most recently with a Chupi Hope and Magic Grey diamond ring that Dad bought her for birthday (I won’t say her age – let’s just say she turned 21 again).

This Mother’s Day, I’d like her to know that I can’t wait to see her for a hug, a cup of tea and a gossip in the kitchen. 

Katie Wickstone, Store Manager, on her mum Dee. 

Some of my favourite Mother’s Day memories involve bringing my mum breakfast in bed and making coupons for emptying the dishwasher or for a massage.

Mum taught me to always stand up for yourself and work hard as nothing in this life comes for free.

We are so alike – we both care about others, we dress the same, and even love the same reality shows.  We are different when it comes to knowing our history, meaning I have no clue half the time who she is talking about!

My mam always had the coolest collection of rings, which she has since added to with lovely Chupi ones since I have been working here.

This Mother’s Day, I want her to know that she’s my mamabear and I love her. I hope that I am as good of a mum as she is some day. 

Kate De Boe, Jewellery Consultant, on her mum Sharon.

My mum is definitely my safest space. When I try to picture my early memories of her, a feeling of warmth and being held instantly comes over me. She’s the first person I seek comfort from in hard times.

One of my favourite stories about my mum when she was younger was of her being kicked out of boarding school for sneaking out to her brother’s birthday party and refusing to tell the principal which of her friends also sneaked out with her. I’m sure she was the same as then as she is now: warm, happy for other people’s success and happiness, stubborn, quick to laugh at herself, generous, sensitive, a little nervous. 

I get told that I look like my mum a lot. We are both warm, happy out, happy when others are happy, a little sensitive. We’ve grown up in different times so it’s hard to say if we would be different if we grew up the same way. I think my drive is a little stronger than hers, and I am a bit more of a hustler. She loved to drink and go out when she was my age while I am happier at home and not a big drinker. 

It’s crazy to think that at my age my mum was married, had a house and me! Overall we’re much more similar than different, and I find myself waving to the postman when I’m walking outside just like my mother would or doing small things that instantly make me groan and proclaim that I’m just like her.

One of my mum’s favourite photos of us is when I lived in New York and she came to visit me. We went to a karaoke drag bar and restaurant called Lips. 

This Mother’s Day, I’d like her to know I love her and I look up to her and she’s just my bestest friend in the whole wide world!

My mum is obsessed with jewellery. For years she’s been justifying her addiction by telling my sister and I that her jewellery will be passed on to us and as I’ve gotten older, and especially working for Chupi, I’ve never appreciated that sentiment more. I will absolutely be holding her to it! I have of course claimed the most sparkly pieces, which were actually my grandmother’s, which is so incredible. Luckily my sister and I have different tastes when it comes to jewellery and clothes and mine is definitely more like my mum’s.

My mum taught me to always be friendly and kind to people, always smile, have good manners, be happy for people, respect your elders, and be generous.

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