Our favourite Farthing Coin necklace now comes in Solid Gold! Along with the Farthing coin, the collection also includes the Horse and Stag coins. These necklaces make the perfect everyday piece and are a modern heirloom that you will treasure forever. Coin necklaces are super versatile so whether you decide to wear it as a dainty standalone piece or as part of a necklace layer is up to you! Let’s look at how some of our favourite trend setters and influencers style their Farthing coin necklaces!

Styling a Solid Coin Necklace

Emily Valentine Chupi Farthing Coin

Source @stylelobster

Emily Valentine wears her Farthing Coin as a statement necklace, adding a pop of gold to her gorgeous summer outfit!

Tina Hu Chupi Farthing Coin

Source @tinahu

Tina Hu wears her 18″ Farthing Coin necklace with a choker necklace to create a simple and stylish layer.

Caroline Chagnon wearing Chupi Farthing Coin

Source @caroline.chagnon

Caroline Chagnon wearing Chupi Farthing Coin

Source @caroline.chagnon

Canadian influencer Caroline Chagnon is a pro at layering necklaces and wears her Farthing Coin necklace alongside different shape pendants and lengths! Caroline’s Farthing Coin is at 20″, a perfect length for layering!

Anita Dundovic wearing Chupi Farthing Coin

Source @anidundo

We adore how Anita Dundovic has layered her Farthing Coin necklace with a Reach for the Stars necklace! Layering necklaces is a quick and easy way to elevate a plain white tee.

Layering Lengths

Here at Chupi, we can alter the length of your yellow gold or white gold pendant chain up to 20″ for free (or you can go up to 24″ for an extra charge of €75) so whether you want to go short at 16″, keep it at 18″ or have it at 20″ to anchor a necklace layer, we can make it bespoke just for you! Simply add a note to your order and we will make your custom length. Please note that it will take 1 – 2 weeks for your necklace to be made to your desired length and custom lengths are only available for yellow gold and white gold chains (rose gold chains are capped at 18″ or shorter).

Tips on Necklace Layering

There are no rules to layering, simply play around with different lengths and types of necklace pendants! Experimentation is the key to finding your perfect layer and don’t be afraid to mix and match different metals, weights and textures!

Using a coin necklace as a base to build upon is a great starting point! One simple formula that Aimee Song of Song of Style swears by is:

A statement necklace + a coin necklace + something personalised.

For more tips on how to layer, check out our handy style guide.

*The necklace featured in the images of this blogpost is the Gold Plated Farthing Coin.