If you’ve just gotten engaged, you’ll be bursting to tell your family and friends the amazing news and what better way than with an engagement ring photo? We asked the amazing wedding photographer Claire Brown to give us her best tips on how to take the perfect engagement ring photo.

Find the right light

Lighting is key for taking the perfect engagement ring photo. Go outdoors when the light is soft and diffused, or take your shot near a window with good natural light. Avoid the flash & any harsh lighting for your engagement ring photo.

Treat yourself to a manicure

You’ll be showing off your gorgeous engagement ring for the foreseeable future, so treat yourself to a manicure. Apply some hand lotion and avoid fake tan, use a light brushing of bronzer if you feel your hand is too pale.

Get the angle right

It’s all about the angle. Put your hand out in front of you and move around with the light, so you can see the most flattering angles. With a slight tilt of your hand, you can avoid seeing every pore and hair! If you have a coloured stone, it will look slightly different at various angles. Opt for an overhead shot at your favourite angle and relax your fingers instead of keeping them completely straight.

Find a pretty background

Make your ring pop by placing your hand in front of a pretty background. Something very neutral outdoors like the skyline is ideal, or find a pretty flower bush and put your hand above it. Avoid any clutter in the background. If you’re taking it on your iPhone, tap the ring on screen to make sure that’s where the focus will be.

Finishing touches

After you’ve taken it the perfect engagement ring photo, use an app such as VSCO and choose a filter that’s flattering to your skin tone.

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