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How To Do My Glitter Nails At Home

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

Nearly ten years ago when I quit my job to start Chupi the idea of getting regular manicures simply wasn’t possible, I was putting my heart, soul and every penny we had into growing my tiny business. So I did the only sensible thing and taught myself how to do my nails! Even though I now love getting my nails properly done it’s a skill that comes in handy.

I get so many lovely messages about my nails I thought I would write a little tutorial. I’m very far from an expert but this is my little routine, I hope you enjoy it.

1) Shape your nails. I do my best to achieve an almond shape which is gently pointed. You could do your cuticles if you were feeling really ambitious but I leave that sort of thing to the professionals.

2) Clean your nails. Grab an alcohol wipe to remove any trace of oil so your polish will hold

3) Time for the base. Apply a thin layer of base coat and pop under your lamp for 90 seconds. You want to keep each coat thin so you can layer them and you don’t get thick clunky nails.

4) Get your sparkle on. Apply a thin layer of glitter polish. Glitter takes a little while to get used to as you need to do a thin layer of polish whilst making sure you get the glitter evenly spread. I grab a cocktail stick to help! Cure your nails under the light for 60-90 seconds.

5) Do it again. It depends how much glitter you want (or indeed how much colour!). I usually fill in any gaps and then cure your nails for 60-90 seconds. 

6) Pop on a topcoat. Lastly, apply a very thin layer of topcoat, pop your nails in to cure for 60-90 seconds again.

7) Lastly, wipe your nails with another alcohol wipe to get rid of the sticky residue.

And you are done! I hope my very imperfect tutorial can be of some use, if you do follow or tag me in your pictures!

Chupi x

Links to items shown:

This is the LED lamp I use.
One of my favourite gold star UV polishes.
Base coat & top coat.

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