Fine jewellery, especially engagement and wedding rings are meant for everyday wear. Cultivated lab grown diamonds and traditionally mined diamonds are identical, visually and molecularly. Cultivated lab grown diamonds are just as durable as traditionally mined diamonds, sitting at the top of the internationally recognised MOHS scale for gemstone hardness. This means that they need to be cared for the same way you would care for your traditionally mined diamonds.

Our precious jewellery is designed to be worn and loved, so we’re giving you the best tips on how to look after your beloved heirlooms. These simple tips below will help keep your precious pieces looking their very best.

  1. Regular Maintenance is Key: Check for loose stones or any repair issues either yourself or with an annual inspection by a jeweller. Here at Chupi, we offer a free ring cleaning service once a year for up 5 years. Our ring cleaning service includes an assessment by our goldsmiths for general wear and tear as well as a deep clean to return your ring to it’s shiny best!
  2. Be Cautious With Sun Cream or Hand Lotions: Sun lotions or creams can cause a film to appear on your heirloom ring, so always remove your rings before applying. The same goes for swimming in a chlorine-treated pool or going to the beach – sand can get into your ring and cause damage.
  3. Use Safe Storage: When you’re not wearing your heirloom ring, we suggest storing it safely in its signature pink Chupi velvet box or pouch. The pouch is ideal for keeping in your bag so you can safely keep your heirloom stored on the go.
  4. Regular Cleaning: One of the best ways to clean your cultivated lab grown piece at home is to use a mild soap, warm water and a cloth or toothbrush. Place your heirloom in the soapy solution for 1 minute, and gently brush around the stone with a soft toothbrush. Rinse the ring with cold water to get rid of any soapy residue and pat dry with a 100% cotton cloth. Every Chupi Heirloom Ring comes with a complimentary ring cleaning pen and cloth. The Chupi Cleaning Pen is designed to make your solid gold pieces sparkle like the day you got them. The solution is gentle enough to clean your Chupi Heirloom Ring and is also gentle on your skin.

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