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How to Build the Perfect Ring Stack

Friday, November 19th, 2021

A ring stack is a sparkling, personal way to celebrate your story, and the moments that have mattered to you. Chupi Virtual Jewellery Consultant Jane Keogh spends her days helping people curate the dreamiest, most meaningful ring stacks. We sat down with her for some expert tips on how to build the perfect ring stack from start to finish.

5 Ring Stack Styling Tips

  1. Start with a hero ring

One of the easiest ways to build your stack is to start with a centrepiece ring – the star of the show. For example, if you’re building an engagement stack then you are building on the engagement ring itself. “I’ve really noticed during our virtual consultations when we are having engagement appointments that customers are often considering their future stack – from the wedding band that would work with the engagement ring, to the pieces that would follow after that,” says Jane.

  1. Wear different weights and shapes

Create a pleasing visual balance across your stack by varying the shape and style of your rings. Thin, delicate rings pair well with more ornate ones and busier pieces can be worn solo on one finger.

The beauty of ring stacking is that there are no rules (well, almost – see below). “It all comes down to personal preference,” says Jane. “Some people prefer to have just polished bands in their stacks, but others love mixing twig bands and polished bands together.”

“You can also mix metals, say white gold and yellow gold together – it all comes down to expressing your own individuality, which is what makes them so special. Every stack is unique.”

  1. It’s all about mixing and matching

Stacking is a fun, playful thing, so once you’ve built your stack don’t be afraid to change it around. “On my own ones, I sometimes switch the fingers I wear them on, wear them separately, then maybe put them back together again,” says Jane.” “You can change the order of them as well, which is cool – especially with the Crown diamond rings, which you can wear with the crown up or down.”

  1. Just don’t mix rings of different hardness

Different metals have different levels of hardness and softness. “For example, if you were to wear an 18k gold ring with a 14k gold one, over time the 18k gold ring would be more likely to dull, or get dented and scratched because it’s the softer metal,” explains Jane. “So it’s important to remember that when building your stack.” (All of our rings are made of 14k gold, which is quite robust and suitable for everyday wear.

  1. Don’t be afraid to go solo

Sure, they’re called ‘stacking rings’ because they can be stacked, but they also look beautiful on their own. Jane explains: “Most people start a stack with just one piece before they save up and buy the next ring to stack with that – I’ve got a Crown of Luck and I wear it all the time on my thumb.” A single ring can help balance out a busy stack beautifully.

Similarly, try to leave at least one finger bare – perhaps a middle finger or pinkie – to keep things looking pulled together and cohesive.

Building your dream stack

Statement rings

Whether it’s a right-hand ring, engagement ring or sparkling cocktail ring, starting with a hero statement ring is the easiest way to begin your stack. You can build around it with complementary pieces – say adding rings with matching stones – or create beautiful, striking contrasts.

Eternity rings

Sparkling eternity rings add so much magic to a stack. Whether you go big and bold (think our 4-diamond Stars in the Sky) or opt for the romantic elegance of the Edwardian Hawthorn, they stack just as beautifully with simple, gold bands as they do hero pieces.

Stacking rings

Your stack is your story, so add pieces that bring you joy and have personal meaning to you – we love adding colour with a Dreamers of Dreams ring, bringing a unique sparkle with grey diamond Hope & Magic, or wearing pieces that remind us of what’s important, like the Follow Your Dreams open diamond ring. You can mix and match polished with twig bands too – the shine and texture will add lots of visual interest.

Crown rings

Quite possibly the dreamiest addition to any stack, crown rings finish off your stack like nothing else and also work great worn alone, helping to balance out an existing stack.

For more inspiration, why not explore the story behind our CEO Chupi Sweetman’s stack, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for stack styling inspiration, and to hear some of the incredible stories behind your stacks).

Want to build our dream stack? Make a virtual appointment with one our jewellery experts. They’re a fun, free and easy way to explore our beautiful collection of stacking rings.

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