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How to authenticate your Chupi piece

Monday, January 25th, 2021

We have had the nicest messages from our gorgeous customers concerned that there are some similar products to our Chupi pieces out there. This will always be the case we’re afraid, but if you are concerned about the authenticity of your Chupi piece, we’re showing you how to guarantee that your Chupi piece is a real piece.

Perfectly Packaged

Your heirloom piece comes beautifully presented in our keepsake velvet Chupi jewellery box, hand-tied with the softest grosgrain ribbon and housed in a dainty bag – all in our custom-created blush pink hue.

Hallmarked in Dublin Castle

Every Chupi piece is hallmarked in Dublin Castle. We hallmark every piece we make, it’s our guartantee that your piece is made using the most beautiful, precious metals with love here in Ireland.

Precious metals are hallmarked to let you know:

Each maker is allowed three letters as their unique maker’s mark. We have shortened Chupi to CHI for our unique maker’s mark. You can find more about what hallmarking is and why we do it here.

The Chupi Identity Disc

Every Chupi necklace has an identity disc on it, it’s our guarantee that your piece was made by us with love here in Ireland. You can find the identity disc beside the clasp on your Chupi chain.

If you’re unsure about the authenticity of your Chupi piece, get in touch. We would be delighted to authenticate your Chupi piece for you.

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