Like many companies around the world, we have made the difficult decision to move the entire Chupi Team to working from home to ensure we are giving the country the very best chance to manage this outbreak.

As a tiny company with huge dreams, the next few weeks are a scary prospect, but choosing to do nothing as many are is simply wrong. We have a duty of care & kindness. Above all we want to keep our team, you guys and the wider community safe.

At Chupi HQ, we work in an open plan office and are constantly chatting to each other about new ideas. Working from home will be a challenge, but we know we can make it work!

Our brilliant Ecommerce Specialist Kev worked remotely for Shopify before coming to work at Chupi, so he has the best tips for working from home. Over the last week, Kev put together an amazing guide for working from home for our team and we wanted to share it to help anyone else in a similar situation.

Tips for working from home

1. Get ready for work as normal

Get ready for work as if you’re about to head out to the office. Ensure you have all your necessary equipment to do your work in one place.

2. Choose a dedicated workspace

Choose a dedicated workspace that is separate from your living area, and make sure if you live with people that they understand you’re working and they need to respect that. Ensure your workspace/desk is tidy and clutter free. Treat this space as you would do at work and avoid distractions such as TV or being in a room where people come and go if possible. 

3. Commute to work

Leave the house and go for a walk, run or cycle before and after work each day. This will help you to mentally signal when work starts and work ends.

Get up at the usual time that you normally would and utilise this extra time to have breakfast, meditate, go for a walk with your dog or do something to prepare yourself for the day. This is time you would typically spend commuting, which gives you time to wake up properly. Waking up 10 mins before you are supposed to start work is not advised. 

4. Put on your “work shoes”

Put on your “work shoes”. Wear shoes during the work day and take them off when the day is over, this will help you to mentally switch on and switch off each working day.

5. Keep in touch

Participate in your team’s social communities, and ensure you’re interacting with others during the day and if there aren’t any set up, go ahead and initiate a virtual coffee break with a colleague. 

Over communicate with your colleagues. When in doubt, repeat yourself and ask the same question again. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

One of the things we’ll miss the most about life in the studio are Poppy & Rufus running around us. We’ve set up a Slack channel called #pets-of-chupi for our team to share updates of all the team’s pets! So far we have updates of Molly, Saba and Margo on their morning walks <3

6. Take breaks

5. Take clear breaks – sometimes it helps to set a timer and force focus during that time. Set up some reminders to stretch, go for a short walk and drink water.

7. Make a plan

Plan out what you’ll be working on ahead of time. Let your manager or colleague know, keep each other updated. Set up meetings on Zoom or Google Hangouts to stay connected with your team.

8. Know how to switch off

Understand your boundaries, particularly time, and do what’s right for you. It’s very easy to get into a habit of overworking when you work from home. If you are progressing well on a project and you may not notice the time fly by. It’s important to know how to switch off when working from home.