Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been adjusting to the new normal with the entire of the Chupi Team working from home for the foreseeable future.

We’re communicating more than ever to stay connected with each other virtually. We’re a very tight-knit team, so working from home is a huge change for us. We’re still celebrating the #TinyLovelyMoments we would usually celebrate in the studio, like our Financial Controller, Ann’s 5th Chupi Anniversary. We’re finding new ways to celebrate these moments and to stay connected.

Ann celebrated her 5th Chupi anniversary

Our brilliant Financial Controller, Ann, has been with us for 5 years this week! Ann is such an amazing friend and colleague to everyone on the Chupi Team. Not only is she an amazing Financial Controller, Ann is the most incredible baker. She keeps the Chupi Team well fed with delicious banana bread and homemade scones, not to mention the endless supply of jam in the studio! We would be truly lost without her.

We celebrated Ann’s anniversary remotely by showering her with lovely messages on Slack and a bunch of flowers safely delivered to her door from The Garden. Our brilliant Lead Designer Lisa also illustrated Ann for her 5th anniversary, how beautiful is this!

We moved our daily studio meetings to remote catchups on Zoom

As we mentioned, working remotely is a huge change for us as we’re such a close-knit team. To stay connected, we kick off the day with a team zoom chat each morning. It gives us a chance to catch up face to face while sorting out our daily priorities. It also gives us the best incentive to get out of our sweat pants and into ‘work’ clothes!

We sent hundreds of packages to Front Line workers all around the world

During these challenging weeks, we’ve been looking for ways to support our incredible frontline workers and give back for all of the incredible work they’re doing for our communities. Last week, we asked our lovely followers on Instagram to nominate an amazing person or team to send out some lovely things to, it’s such a small thing to be able to do, but it’s our way of giving back and saying thank you.

We received hundreds of nominations and we’re still working our way through the list. Over the last week, we have sent over 300 parcels out to our incredible frontline workers.

Chupi & Brian rescued a lost dog and returned him to his lovely owner

Brian and I went for a stroll around our sleepy neighbourhood yesterday evening, there was no one about until we turned onto a pretty redbrick-lined street and saw a tiny wee Jack Russell. I’m always impressed by dogs who can walk without a lead, but when we looked closer the little dog seemed lost, he was stumbling from one spot to the other. My mum always gets involved. No matter what the disaster on the street she goes to help. It drove me crazy as a little kid, but I appear to have inherited it!

When I went over to investigate the dog was clearly quite blind and very lost. He had no collar on, but looked very loved. I bent down to pet him and he licked my hand. We knocked on a few doors but given the current climate no one was particularly happy to see me and this lost doggo. 
It was growing dark so Brian turned to me and said “we have to take him home” and reader, that’s why I married him!

We took Jack the dog home, rang the local vets, the guards but no luck. Brian said I should tweet his picture, I pointed out that the owners may not be on Twitter but we thought why not. Jack the dog was very distressed, whimpering and woofing in a heartbreaking way so we took him back out this time on a lead and spent a few hours wandering around trying to see if he would recognise his home but he didn’t. 

We came home defeated, fed Jack and installed him on the sofa hoping we would find his family on the next day. And then a tweet from a friend connected us and we found Paddy’s family! Jack no more, we restored Paddy to his family. His owners had their side gate ajar so their grandchildren could come in and say hi to observe social distancing guidelines, Paddy had slipped out and wandered. A lovely happy story to end the week!