We understand that knowing the exact ring size of yourself or your loved one can be challenging. Therefore, all of our solid gold rings come with a complimentary resizing service if ordered in the incorrect size. If you are unsure of the size, you are better to go slightly bigger than smaller.

How to find your ring size?

1. ‘Borrow’ a ring that they wear on their ring finger or a similar sized finger and bring it to our store or send it to us to be sized.

2. Trace the inside of a ring worn on a similar finger on a piece of paper and bring it to our store or send it to us to be sized.

3. Ask one of their closest friends to bring them to the Chupi Store to find out their ring size (in secret!).

4. Or if you can’t make it to our Flagship store, our ring sizers are available to order on


How to use the Chupi Ring Sizer

With the numbers facing out, slip the tip of the ring sizer through the slot. Tips for the best results:

1. Measure the exact finger that the ring will be worn on. The fingers on your dominant hand will tend to be larger as your muscles are more developed.

2. Cold weather can cause your fingers to become slimmer, whilst heat or water retention can cause your fingers to swell. Measure your fingers in the early evening for the most accurate size.

3. The ring should fit your ring finger comfortably: snug enough so it won’t slip off, but loose enough that you can wiggle it over your knuckle.

4. And just in case you still aren’t sure, we offer a complimentary ring resizing service with all of our solid gold rings.

Using the Chupi ring sizer, we’ll help you find the perfect ring size and ensure you order your Chupi ring in the correct size. We ship to 64 countries all over the world and work with global postal partners to ensure your precious ring gets to you swiftly and securely. Your piece will arrive beautifully presented in our luxurious Chupi packaging which are designed to hold your future heirlooms.