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The Wedding Ring Collection

Friday, July 10th, 2020

At Chupi, our unique wedding rings are designed to become future heirlooms. Whether you choose a simple twig band or a classic diamond ring, our wedding rings are made to mark the most special moments in your life. Made with love to last a lifetime, these future heirlooms have a magic all of their own.

A wedding ring is a symbolic piece of the love, promise and commitment between you and your partner.Our precious collection of wedding rings are designed to mark one of the most special moments in your life. Made with love to last a lifetime, these future heirlooms have a magic all of their own.

The Wedding Ring Collection

Hawthorn Twig Infinity Ring

An infinity circle twig with no beginning and no end, the perfect symbol of happiness. Our infinity twig ring is cast in solid gold from a beautiful real hawthorn twig found by Chupi in Kildare, they look so delicate but think of the mighty trees that are supported from such little things.

Eternity is Too Short Classic Diamond Ring

This delicate eternity ring is set with tiny diamonds sparkling with a glittering fire. The ring is set with tiny diamonds the whole way around the band, the perfect symbol of never-ending love.

Crown of Love Classic Diamond Ring

A crown of tiny diamonds glitters like starlight, creating a perfect crown of love. This ring is the perfect addition to your ring stack to mark a precious moment.

Written in the Stars Classic Diamond Ring

A glittering trail of stars sparkles through the sky, a reassuring guide that reminds us the very best things are ready and waiting for us. They are written in the stars. Chupi has always been in love with the stars, she is fascinated by the idea that we are all born under a celestial guardian.

Five sparkling diamonds light up the night sky in 14k solid gold. This delicate ring is designed to become part of your daily wardrobe, like invisible armour that is always with you.

Crown of Hope Classic Diamond

A crown of Marquise Diamonds sparkle like starlight, a shining light of hope creating a perfect diadem crown. For all of your hopes and dreams, this ring is the perfect piece to wear with your ring stack, as a wedding ring, or simply to mark a precious moment.

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Whether you choose a Digital Jewellery Appointment or an in-store appointment, our specialist team is on hand to take you through our collection of wedding bands. Our personal appointments give you the chance to take a closer look of the special piece you’ve been dreaming of. Find out more about our appointment services here.

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