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Everything you need to know about Grey Diamonds

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

Grey diamonds are a little piece of magic, with a sparkle of inclusions and colours that makes each one completely unique. At Chupi, we adore grey diamonds for their sparkle and fire.

A grey diamond is the perfect alternative to a classic diamond in an engagement or heirloom ring. A grey diamond is an excellent choice if you want a bespoke ring. As each diamond is utterly unique due to its individual markings, you will truly have a one in a million engagement ring.

What are grey diamonds?

Grey diamonds are exactly the same as diamonds but with inclusions and colour. White diamonds are graded on the 4C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. With grey diamonds, you look for completely different things like fire and brilliance. One of our favourite things about grey diamonds is that they’re completely unique, no two grey diamonds are the same.

Grey or salt and pepper diamonds are exactly the same as traditional diamonds but they carry visual inclusions of carbon and other minerals captured within them as they formed over millions of years. This gives each stone its unique hues, tones and patterns of light which is why we love them so much.

Gemological laboratories certify traditional diamonds based on how few inclusions are visible. They grade this clarity, ranging from ‘Internally Flawless’ to ‘Included’. However, because grey diamonds are valued for their unique internal patterns caused by the very inclusions traditional diamonds look to eliminate, traditional certification cannot be applied to these stones. All our grey diamond and classic diamond suppliers adhere to the Kimberley Process standards.

Grey diamonds are a 10 on the MOHS scale of hardness, meaning they are the hardest of all gemstones, the perfect gemstone for your modern heirloom ring.

Grey Diamond Heirloom Rings

You Me & Magic Grey Diamond

Love is a magical thing, Chupi designed this ring with each gemstone representing You, Me & Magic. An heirloom piece, a sparkling fiery Grey Diamond solitaire sits flanked by two tiny diamonds atop one of our signature twig rings.

Love is All

Three tiny grey diamonds sparkle on your finger, each representing a word of that immortal phrase Love Is All. Whether a gift to someone special or a reminder to yourself, this is the perfect ring to mark a precious moment.

Sparkle in the Wild Grey Diamond

Like a sparkle of sunlight catching the early morning dew in the hedgerows, this grey diamond is set in a claw setting atop one of our signature rings. The grey diamond sparkles with an inner fire, a lovely alternative to a classic diamond.

Darling in the Wild Grey Diamond

Like a sparkle of sunlight catching the early morning dew in the hedgerows, this darling glitters with light. The baby sister to our classic solitaire ring Sparkle in the Wild, Darling in the Wild is set with a half carat Grey Diamond in a claw setting atop one of our signature twig rings.

Stars in the Sky Eternity

A classic eternity ring, four grey diamonds sparkle with an eternal fire set in 14k gold.  Wear this darling as a reminder of moments that matter, whether each diamond represents your family, the people you love best or moments in your life is up to you. Wear your Stars in the Sky as a reminder of what matters most.

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