Christmas is fast approaching so if you’re in need of some gift inspiration, you’re in luck! We asked Chupi to share her favourite gifts that she has given to her loved ones over the years. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a beautiful piece that’s treasured beyond the season. So if you’re looking for your Mum, Sister, Bestie or even yourself, read on for some festive inspiration.

Gifts for your Mum
I gave my mum a Love Heart Ring, it was one of the very first things I ever made. I thought it was a lovely idea that we both had the same thing. It’s a really nice connection with your mum. It’s not necessarily about both of you getting the same thing at the same moment more about giving her something that has a connection to you both. Another lovely one is the Hawthorn Twig Double Circle necklace, one circle for you & one for you mum.

Gifts for a new Mum
The baby’s birthstone! A lucky star ring or lucky star necklace, it’s a gorgeous piece to keep your little one with you always. If you’re being really extravagant, The Stars in the Sky three diamond necklace is a gorgeous piece. I gave one to my bestie when she had her little boy!

Gifts for your Bestie
I gave my bestie a One in a Million Star necklace this year. It’s a really good price point at €199. All the girls in my group have a one in a million star necklace and it’s lovely to have a piece that connects us all.

Gifts for your Sister
My little sister has a North Star Signet. She’s at that stage of her life where she’s figuring out what to do and starting her first job so I wanted her to have something that was a guiding light and the North Star signet was the perfect piece. The other piece I’m giving my sister is the Little Lion Heart necklace because she’s so brave. I wanted her to have something that symbolised that.

Gifts for someone abroad
Farthing coin, 100%! Especially for someone who’s Irish living abroad, I love the idea of sending them something special from Home. I love the Worth Your Weight in gold coins but my favourite is The Stag. It’s the 1990 coin, it’s really symbolic.

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