In the latest installment of The Chupi Wedding Series, we speak to Aisling & Kieran about the beginning of their journey as housemates in 2014 to their big day set in the beautiful Tufarris Hotel in Co. Wicklow. From their Hawthorn Twig wedding bands to their bridesmaid gifts, Aisling and Kieran tell us why they chose Chupi pieces for their wedding day.


What’s your/your partner’s names?

Aisling & Kieran

Where did you meet?

Our story together started on the 21st of December 2014. Kieran had moved back from Australia and into a house I was sharing with his good friend that September. It didn’t take long for things to move on and we started going out. I think we both realised there was something there when we were looking forward to coming home each evening and being disappointed if the other wasn’t there! We started to do more and more together. Our relationship is founded on love but also a really strong friendship.

Can you tell us a little bit about the proposal?

Kieran got down on one knee on the 21st (have you noticed a trend??!!) of July 2017 in Kensington Gardens, London. It was a hot summer’s day and we were on a trip that had been planned for over a year. A Harry Potter show was the excuse but the sparkly Chupi ring was the real reason. Kieran planned the trip and the day to perfection. While the celebration started with afternoon tea and a glass of fancy champagne, the night finished with late night pizza and wine from a box. Strangers all over London knew our story that night because we were so excited and couldn’t keep it to ourselves!

Where did you get married and what made you chose the venue?

We got married on the 21st September 2018 at the beautiful Tulfarris Hotel, Blessington, Co Wicklow. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful day. We were surrounded by love. We were blown away by how may people made such a huge effort to join us on the day. The ceremony and celebration was a reflection of what’s important to us – good music, good food, lots of fun and lots of love.

The venue itself came recommended from a colleague who is getting married there this December. It was the only place we visited (but did a lot of research online). We knew immediately it was what we were looking for. It is so beautifully set on the lakes and the buildings are just beautiful. They have a beautiful ceremony room overlooking the lake, an old manor house were we had our reception and a bright and open room where we had our meal and party. Also, the team is just wonderful, they were so supportive throughout the process and everything went off flawlessly on the day.

Tell us a bit about your dress

My dress was bought in Dublin Bridal House in Rathfarnham. The ladies there are just wonderful. I was a bit nervous about the dress as I knew what I liked but wasn’t sure what would suit. In the end I got exactly what I wanted and loved wearing it. I felt like a princess!


What was the most exciting/memorable part of your day?

We got lots of advise in the run up to the day but the one that kept coming up was the day goes so fast, before you know it it’ll be the end of the night, so to make sure to take out time during the day to spend it with each other.

We made sure to do that and have little pockets of memories through out the day because of this. One that is extra memorable was the two of us stopping on the dance floor, the band was in full swing, everyone was on they’re feet dancing (we’re quite proud of the fact that someone told us they had never been to a wedding where they had to elbow they’re way onto the dance floor because the music was so great – kudos to A Few Good Men & DJ Darragh O’Shea for their help there) and the energy from our guests was just amazing. And I remember saying to Kieran is – “we did this. We created the fun and joy and energy that were surrounded by right now.”

And by just taking that moment we’ve been able to remember that feeling. And it’s just amazing!! We still talk about it, the fact that we pulled it off and in doing so created that moment of pure magic that we’ll remember for a long time to come.


What was the one thing you wanted your guests to remember from the day?

For us the music and food was very high on our list. We wanted people to get a feel for what it is like to be a part of the love and fun we have together and they are both a huge part.

What Chupi piece did you wear and why did you chose it?

Chupi is a huge inspiration and I totally connect with her 100% Irish ethos. I love supporting local. We tried to keep everything local and support Irish vendors as there are such wonderfully talented people here! I have both a Chupi engagement and wedding ring. Kieran actually chose the engagement ring himself because he knew I just loved the designs. I purchased some bracelets for by bridesmaids –  I wanted them to have a little part of the magic and our story! They match the hawthorn twig cast that is in my rings.

Tell us a bit about your purchasing journey – did you visit The Atrium? Who did you come with? Did you browse online?

Kieran bought my engagement ring himself – it took him three goes just to work up the courage to go into the room. The team is just amazing and each time we’ve gone back to pick our wedding rings or get other pieces we feel so welcome!

When you look at your Chupi piece now, what do you think of?

How well my now husband knows me! I just feel so loved! I loved every minute in the run up to our wedding. Being with him is an adventure every step of the way.

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Imagery: CMC Photography