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Chupi Under the Tree: The Christmas Gifts I’m Giving the People I Love (Mum, Don’t Look!)

Thursday, November 25th, 2021

Our founder and CEO Chupi Sweetman shares some of the Chupi pieces she’s most looking forward to giving to friends and family this Christmas.

On her gift-giving style:

I like to bring joy, that’s my main priority. Practical gift giving can be really nice, but I want extravagance. I love the idea of getting someone something that they wouldn’t think of buying for themselves, or they maybe haven’t thought of, something really extra special.

It doesn’t have to be about money or size, it just should be something that was really thought out. If you’re stuck for present ideas, I always find the “something they want, something they need, something to eat (or wear), something to read” to be a very nice starting point, because it can inspire you to get four little things that make one very thoughtful present.

On her secret present planning hack:

I like to think I’m good at gift-giving. For one, I’m super, super sneaky. I keep notes on all the people I love. A really good friend taught me the trick of keeping a note on my phone for the whole year and every time anyone says they like something, writing it down.

It means that when you get to December, and you’ve got 10 gifts to buy, and 10 people who you want to delight and thrill, you have this little list. I have it open all of the time and anytime anyone ever says something like, “Oh that’s my favourite coffee”, or “I love those flowers”, I note it down. I’m like a detective! We put so much pressure on ourselves to buy the perfect present, but you need to set yourself up for success and help yourself with systems. 

On gift wrapping:

I have always loved unboxing. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the idea that the present starts with the wrapping, whether it’s a beautiful bag, ribbon or paper. 

I just love the idea of having a signature wrapping style, so you don’t even have to think about it and it is pretty effortless. I wrap always in brown paper because it’s the most sustainable option, and I tend to get a new ribbon every year. This year I’m adding dried flowers to the wrapping to make it extra special.  

I’m also excited to try furoshiki this Christmas, the beautiful, eco-friendly traditional Japanese method for gift-wrapping. I love the idea of wrapping someone’s present in gorgeous fabric or beautiful Irish linen napkins. 

On the Chupi pieces are she’s giving your nearest and dearest this Christmas:

The Hero Ring

I know mum likes really striking, really unique pieces, so a gorgeous cocktail ring like The Hero Ring would be perfect for her. She’s always really good at stacking and styling her rings and would love something that makes a statement. 

Then, I think for my little sister it’s going to be the Evil Eye Necklace. I noticed she had her eye on it. She made such a brave move this year to go back to university to get her Masters. The Evil Eye would be so lovely as a symbol of protection and strength as she begins this next big stage in her life. 

For her brother: North Star Signet Ring

I’m giving my brother Luke the North Star Signet Ring. Most of our clients are women, but we also have some really cool guys who wear our jewellery and Luke has some beautiful pieces himself. I think North Star would be a really nice addition to his collection, as he loves signet rings. 

Evil Eye Eternity Ring

It was my mom-in-law’s 60th birthday this year, so I’m going to give her a diamond eternity. It was a really tough year to have a big birthday, so we wanted to get her something really special.

I’m also going to give a North Star necklace to an incredible woman who has been such a guiding light on my journey and has helped me so much as I’ve grown Chupi over the last 10 years. I want to give her a North star to remind her that she is that for both me and so many people.

On favourite Irish businesses to support at Christmas:

When I was a kid, I loved our dressing up box, so we have gotten Aya some pieces from Fable Heart. I’ve also been so lucky to be involved with The Lismore Food Company, and they will be a big part of whatever I’m doing this year – they have the most delicious chocolates. 

And of course,  Christmas is the season of candles. I like things that encourage us to slow down – a beautiful scented candle, a skin cream, a nice bottle of wine. 

La Bougie

On giving the gift of time: 

Brian and I have been together for 21 years and I always think of every year as a brand new challenge. With him, he really values time. We might go away, or book a beautiful Airbnb somewhere in Ireland. It’s not just about travelling, and where we go, but about the time that we spend together. 

On festive getaways with friends:

What my gang of besties and I like to do is book a trip together. We tend to go away at least once or twice a year. At Christmas, instead of getting each other small token things, we just book a gorgeous trip. Instead of buying little things that aren’t going to be remembered, time is the thing I value most of all.

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