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Chupi Team: What We Are Looking Forward To As We Open

Friday, May 14th, 2021

Here at Chupi HQ, we thought we would share what we are most looking forward to doing as everything starts to reopen. From seeing our favourite relatives to getting a well needed trim, The Chupi Team are excited to start the next chapter

Annique, Chupi Purchaser

Giving my (vaccinated) parents a big hug once they are safe and we can travel to see each other again. Going to gigs with my friends, having a coffee in an actual coffee shop, the feeling of potentially making friends with strangers again and of course being able to visit our store with it’s gorgeous new facelift!

Sarah, Customer Experience Specialist

My tiny 6-guest wedding happening at the end of the month, followed by a staycation honeymoon in Cork that we will safely be able to travel for now!

Emily, Senior Brand Designer

Carb heaven at Sprezzatura, visiting my niece and nephew in their new house in Wales, people watching in an old man pub, escaping from Dublin!


Donal, UI Frontend Developer

I’m excited about loads of things – meeting friends, going to gigs, having a pint. But I’m most excited for my wife who will soon get to travel home to Poland for the first time since 2019.

Michelle, Digital Marketing Executive, CRM & Email

Long meandering chats in a cafe with friends, girlie shopping trips, a spa day – heaven!

Photo: Powerscourt Management

Ann, Financial Controller

Visiting my son in Galway and seeing his house he moved into in December

Rich, Senior SEO Specialist

Haircut and getting out of the city for a few days, great to breathe the country air! I also want a pint in an actual glass that I don’t have to take home first!


Parijat, Web & Digital Designer

Looking forward to eating out with friends again. Also I won’t be missing trimming my own hair!

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