Here at Chupi HQ, we’re always sharing our recommendations for podcasts, restaurants, beauty products, books, recipes and snacks around the lunch table. There’s a lot of trust here in Chupi HQ – so if something amazing is recommended by one of our team members, there’s a very high chance that everyone in the studio will jump on board!

We thought it would be a lovely idea to share our team top picks for each month with you guys too, it’s always lovely to get a real recommendation from a real human being. Whether you’re looking for a good book, a brilliant pilates studio or an amazing beauty product, the Chupi Team have shared with us their top picks for the month of January.

Emily, Social Media & Content Coordinator

This month I’m trying to eat less meat and overall eat a little healthier. I absolutely love DeliciouslyElla’s recipes, but I’ve recently downloaded her app and it’s incredible. It’s full of amazing recipes, yoga, meditation and it even has a weekly meal planner.

Nobo Chocolate is top of my list for January too, I don’t know what I ever did without it! It’s the most delicious chocolate ever. On the beauty side of things, I’m loving Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter lately. I got it for Christmas and have been using it every day since!

Una, Marketing Specialist

Call me a weirdo, but I love January! It’s a great time to re-set & spend more time to focusing on health and wellbeing. I’ve been really enjoying Yoga With Adrienne’s new 30 days of Yoga series ‘Home’. I’m doing this every night before bed, it just helps me wind down after a long day. I’ve also become slightly addicted to herbal teas, Sostrene Grene have an amazing selection & I’ve been slowly working my way through them all.

It’s not all health and wellbeing however, my secret obsession this month has been the return of Love Island ( please don’t judge me!) Beauty wise, I’ve been loving Glossier’s Birthday Balm Dotcom, it’s the perfect remedy for chapped Winter lips.

JoAnn, Digital Marketing Specialist

I want to learn more this year, specifically about other people’s experience in business and about health and wellness too. It can be hard to find the time but podcasts are an incredible resource and walking to work is when I listen. I started listening to a podcast called Second Life. It’s about women who have made major career changes and the reality of being in business. It’s inspiring to hear their stories and they have incredible guests I didn’t know much about such as Jen Atkin, Eva Chen and J-Lo!

Another favourite podcast of mine is The Food Medic. She hosts podcasts on a range of health and wellness topics such as nutrition, the important of sleep, gut health, diet culture and so much more. She’s both a doctor and personal trainer!

Parijat, Digital Designer

January is a slow month, and I’m usually in a state of mind where I can reflect on the previous year and try and do a few things differently. This year, I’m trying to be a vegetarian and exploring different alternatives to meat. I definitely recommend looking up Indian dishes, as there are tons of delicious vegetarian options all around.

A fanatstic film to start the year with was Greta Gerwig’s Little Women. It also inspired me to read the book again so I got the Audible original audiobook which has a full cast including Laura Dern, and it was wonderfully performed!

Laura, Head of Marketing

I love January for the quietness and self-kindness .. home cooking (Little Green Spoon App is my go to), pilates (Platinum Pilates is my favourite place to go to zone out and get some me-time), spending time with my kids and setting some life goals.. A big one was to teach my little girl Olivia how to cycle her bike without stabilizers.. my husband googled a how to (modern life!), taught her in a day and now she is flying around, which has made the weekends much more active for us all.

But to be honest, a lot of January has been focused on work and setting big plans for Chupi (Radical Focus is a good book for setting some strong measurable goals), which might not sound like a fun thing to some, but when the topic is beautiful diamonds it’s hard not to get excited! Also there have been a lot of snacks keeping us going .. we must be keeping Kind bars and Nobo Chocolate in business.

Megan, Marketing Intern

I have mixed emotions about the month of January as It’s my birthday but It is also a sad time as it is the month my dad passed away. I just started working here in Chupi this month and I am so lucky to have come into such a warm environment where everyone looks out for each other. As this month is difficult I always think It is important to surround yourself with people who are positive and kind and you are surrounded by the kind of people here in Chupi.

Something that I am loving this month is music, especially Golden Slumber by the Beatles. As I have been reflecting about my dad this month I think it is so important to remember those who have passed. I am so lucky to have memories of him singing this song.

Annique, Purchasing Assistant

My top picks for this month are post-christmas fairy lights and redecorating. January is always so long and grim, this year I committed to making my home look and feel like spring is coming soon, so lots of extra lamps and lights and floral patterns went up after taking down the festive decorations.

I have also devoured a couple of books during my bus commute and hibernating state this month. My top recommendations are ‘Catch and Kill’ by Ronan Farrow. It’s such an intense read, and quite dark at times, but so important. An inspiring tale of the bravery of survivors and journalistic integrity against the odds. If you’re looking for something more outrageous and fun, go for Elton John’s autobiography ‘Me’. SO GOOD.

I’m actively expanding my music taste this month, so I don’t fall into the algorithm bubble! I have found some amazing songs by searching for international fusion playlists like Thai-Funk, Tuareg-Blues, Psych-Turk, etc. It’s been fun, and I’m making sure to note down songs and albums I really enjoy! Future me will be grateful.

Kate, Production Executive

I find January tough going. There is always a sense of pressure to organise everything and be super efficient in all aspects of life. This month I’m focusing on doing what I can! In Chupi HQ we are working on our big plans for the future.

I’m carrying this over in my day to day by writing down my goals and to-do’s in a gorgeous 2020 planner I got for Christmas in Soesterne & Grene (one of my fave spots to pick up a few bits). I couldn’t commit to Veganuary, so I decided to do Meat Free Mondays as a compromise. I’m loving exploring and adding to my recipe collection (Thug Kitchen is a great book for fresh ideas!).

Indulging in a little self care is really important when you are super busy. Nothing gives me a pick me up like a pamper session. I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual – I’ve been using this duo daily and every time feels like such a treat! Also her magic eye rescue is a life saver for those January-induced under eye bags.

On that note, I’m dedicated to using Cruelty free beauty products going forward. I was finding Shampoo/Conditioner a really tricky one to source as I have quite unruly hair and I wanted to invest in a brand that works for me.. I discovered The Maria Nila range and I’m in love. Sheer Silver and True Soft are the two collections that work best for my hair.

I’m happy that January is coming to an end, but also so really content with how 2020 has gone so far! I’ve worked on my goals, made some memories and spent quality time with my nearest and dearest. What more could I ask for!