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Chupi Team: Our Top Monthly Picks

Monday, March 1st, 2021

Here at Virtual Chupi HQ, we’re always sharing our recommendations for podcasts, restaurants, beauty products, books, recipes and snacks.

We thought it would be a lovely idea to share our team top picks for each month with you guys too, it’s always lovely to get a real recommendation from a real human being. This month the Chupi Team have been doing lots of reading – so if you’re looking for a new book you’ll be sure to find a suggestion here!


I purchased @lauradebarra’s amazing book ‘Gaff Goddess’ at the start of February and have been really enjoying learning about DIY in a relatable & fun way! I never thought I could get so excited over knowing how my dishwasher actually works & how to fix it! One of my oldest pals also treated me to a bunch of dried flowers from and they’ve really brightened up my WFH situation!

Una, Marketing Manager


I have been loving Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat, it’s completely changing how I think about cooking! @pillowqueensband’s new album is also on repeat.

Rob, UX/UI Development

We have ordered dinner for collection from Two Pups. It’s one of the best meals I’ve had all year, the chocolate fondants were divine! I feel like I’ve watched everything on Netflix but the trench show Lupin is amazing. Think Sherlock Holmes behaving badly. It’s addictive!

Chupi, Founder & CEO of Chupi

I’ve been reading ‘Dirty Rocker Boys’: Love & Lust on the Sunset Strip by Bobbie Brown. I love 80’s metal and I’ve read all the bands autobiographies so reading the same stories from a female perspective is super interesting. I had taken skating back up but I took quite the fall during the week and am currently hiding from the neighbours in embarrassment.

Kayleigh, Production Executive

Last month I finished Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King, it’s such an incredible book on self-love, self-care, prioritising your wellbeing and changing your mindset and creating positive habits. I’ve recommended it to all my friends & family since! I’ve loved following @WearWhatWorks this month too – she’s a breath of fresh air on Instagram and makes me want to dress up every day, even if it’s to sit at the kitchen table!

Emily, Social Media Marketing Manager

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