We get hundreds of messages every week asking us where our precious pieces are made, how they are made and who they are made by. We decided to make a documentary, something you guys could watch to understand the process and journey behind your Chupi piece. Earlier this year, we began planning how we would share the magic of beautiful things made in Ireland. We decided that Glendalough in Co. Wicklow was the perfect place to film our documentary, it captures the magic of Ireland so beautifully.

Back in April, we travelled to Glendalough in Co. Wicklow for three days of filming. We stayed in the most gorgeous schoolhouse you have ever seen, found on AirBnB complete with a beautiful conservatory right on the edge of the Upper Lake in Glendalough. By complete coincidence, this was the house that Chupi’s Mum & Dad viewed over forty years ago and planned to buy!


We hoped for a beautiful sunny day but instead, we were met with wind, mist and rain – typical for Ireland! In the end, the moody weather made the documentary, it captured the beauty and magic of Ireland so well.

Made with Love

Made with Love is a celebration of our incredible team of creatives and craftspeople who make each Chupi heirloom piece. We are so proud of what we do, of the love, the craft, the magic of Ireland and we hope you will feel it at every step too! Watch the video here. 

“Growing up in Wicklow, the garden of Ireland, taught me so much about the magic of wild places. When I chose to start making jewellery I knew it had to be right here in my darling Ireland.” – Chupi Sweetman, Founder & CEO

Inspired by the beauty and magic of Ireland

From design to packaging, the journey of your heirloom is one of love. Chupi was born and raised in Wicklow, famously known as ‘the garden of Ireland’ for its unique natural beauty. Each piece has been inspired in some way by this beautiful land.


13 pairs of skilled hands behind every Chupi piece

There is an incredible wealth of creative talent and craftsmanship in our team, from our founder and designer, to our master goldsmiths and our highly skilled jewellers we have over 100 years experience in making beautiful pieces.


Watch the video here.